Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simple Shawls and Simple Fudge

Today I finished another shawl.  I'm pleased to have these two shawls made and looking forward to gifting them.  The last four years some very special women in my life have had cancer - these two shawls are a celebratory gift to two of these women who have recently finished their treatments. 
I'm hoping they will keep them just a little warmer and cozier this winter and that they will feel wrapped in love and healing thoughts each time they use them.
This last one I finished binding off with just this much to spare!  And, during those last tense moments, when I thought I might run out, I wondered why on earth I hadn't just done one less row to be sure I would have enough yarn to finish.  I've made a mental note to remind myself next time but feel free to remind me because I'm sure to forget (I've done the same thing before).
I did make sure that I used a bigger needle to bind off rather than trusting myself to bind off loosely - it makes the shawl lay so much nicer if it is not bound off too tightly.
I really love this shawl and have one on the go for myself as well (using odds and sods of wool).  It is a simple but pretty shawl (free download Herb Garden shawl on Ravelry) and I especially love the rounded bottom instead of a pointy one.  If you've never used a shawl I highly recommend them - there really is a reason why women have used them for centuries.  They're Just Right for a little added warmth and comfort (and Perfect if you like to sit up and read in bed).
E has been wanting to try fudge for ages and so we decided to make a very simple recipe that I used to make when I was younger.
Not health food for sure but a delicious treat all the same (we used 2 cups of chocolate chips and 1 cup of butterscotch chips).
And since teens don't get the concept of Christmas baking being for Christmas...another batch of brown sugar buttons to replace the one that was scoffed eaten.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful shawls. I especially like the blue one. They are very thoughtful gifts.
I am one of those that have never worn shawls - I don't think I could keep one on- but I guess they are just for sitting? Do fill me in.
We make brown sugar buttons in our house too. (I don't know if you've noticed but we seem to do a lot of the same things:))

daisy g said...

Gorgeous needlework. You have so much talent.

The goodies look yummy!

Katherine said...

I'm drooling. Not only over the sweets you've been making, but over the lovely shawl as well. I'm sure your handmade gifts will be much appreciated and enjoyed, Heather. I did chuckle when I seen how close you cut it with the yarn needed... wow, you just made it! Whew. I won't tease you too much, because I've been known to have similar close shaves with my projects. ;o)

The Finicky Farmer said...

Heather, your handmade gifts are just lovely! If you haven't tried an elastic cast-off, I highly recommend it in lieu of using larger needles. These days, I use this cast-off exclusively for handwarmers and shawls.

Elastic Cast-off: k1, *k1, transfer 2 sts back to holding needle, and k2tog through back loops* across. Repeat the starred portion.

erin said...

there is a Bake Twice as Much as you Think You Will Need rule, clearly, no one explained it to me, but it exists. my youngest is fearless, no matter what height i stash, he finds things!

i need to search for your buttons recipe, i adore how they look.

your gifts are going to warm from the outside and from within. they are healing energy infused, such thought and love you are giving to your friends, they are blessed :)

AMOffenwanger said...

Lovely shawls, lovely fudge, lovely writing.

Question: I've only got unsweetened condensed milk around right now; how much sugar do you think I'd need to add to make the fudge recipe?

AMOffenwanger said...

Ah, found it. 1 c. evap. milk, 1 1/4 c. sugar. Okay, I think I might try this, this looks like it could be popular. Thanks!

Honey and Me said...

The shawls are lovely...I'm sure your giftees will enjoy them! I love the looks of your Brown Sugar Button cute! And the die for!! Thought I'd add this link to my blog where you can find a recipe for
Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk...easy and cheaper than store bought! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Reginas Cottage said...

the shawls are soooooooooooo lovely.
mmh and the fudge looks delicious.
love regina