Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zucchini, Tomato and Cucumbers, Oh My! Salad

I was going to do a post on tomato seed saving but then...
yesterday afternoon as I looked around our dining area at the table covered with veg. I decided we needed to have something with zucchini, tomatoes and cukes (We also had cabbage salad of course.  Thanks to these cabbages we've been eating cabbage at least once a day for almost 2 months).  Happily, I remembered a salad I'd made last year at my friend's suggestion that I had found delicious. 
I sauteed some of my warted zucchini and some white patty pan zucchini with some neglected garlic scapes from the fridge as well as some delicious and long-awaited garlic from this year (from a friend's garden - it is SO gorgeous!) in some olive oil.  When these were soft I mixed them with some of our pesto (thawed from the freezer) and a big dollop of mayo.  Then I added slices of armenian cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes cut in halves (brown berry, sungold and red pear cherry).  A little salt and pepper and it was wonderful.  So good that W asked me to make it again so I'm about to do that now. 
Love finding ways to use our veggies that we all enjoy so much.  Thanks for the "recipe", Mary-Sue!


donna!ee said...

OH MY, yum yum yummy! this is inspiration to grow your much more vairety than the grocery store. thank you much for sharing :)

Reginas Cottage said...

hi heather,
wow that looks so good!!!!!!it makes my mouth watering.
thanks for the inspirationen!!!
have a wonderful day,
love regina

daisy g said...

Those tomatoes look amazing!

affectioknit said...


Alison said...

oooh, this looks yummy!
I am passing you the versatile blogger award thingy today, details are at my place!


Unknown said...

Yum! I love home grown.

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erin said...

thinking of you, these look wonderful-
your bounty is really growing now, i'm sure :)