Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homemade Tortillas

Sometime ago I came across some locally made tortillas (Wrap It Up Tortillas) at our little store down the road.  They tasted so much better than the kind we had been buying that we decided we needed to start making our own again (and buying theirs when we don't have time to make them).  I'd never found a recipe that I really loved but I decided to look online and came across this delicious one ( I felt pretty certain that a Texan would know a good tortilla recipe). ;-)
We tried it out and were very pleased with how simple they were to make (this dough is super easy to work with).
But even more pleased with how delicious they were.  I don't even have any lovely photos of them filled with all sorts of garden goodness because we snarfed them down so quickly that there was no time to take photos.  This time I used unbleached all purpose flour but the next time I'm going to try half all purpose and half whole wheat.


Ellen said...

We love good tortillas but never have made them. It looks like you simply rolled them out rather than use a tortilla press? I'm sure they do taste yummier than store-bought ones even when from a local bakery. I read your other post - 5 minutes away? Such a heavenly thought! :)

Laeli said...

That's a really smart idea! Jig is going to school and we'll need healthy lunch stuff...I shall give those a go!

Reginas Cottage said...

hi heather,
its a great idea!!!! thanks!
my son loves tortillas.
love regina

Elizabeth said...

I know all about this, quite by accident! There was the day of not having any tortillas when I thought I had bought some and so I looked online and well, you know, the rest is history. I admit I can't even eat the store bought kind anymore, with is unfortunate because I Ialways set myself for more work - but so worth it!
Many recipes call for the corn ones but I can never find the correct corn flour for those - have you ever tried them?

donna!ee said...

awesome, i'm gonna have some today! thank you much for sharing

Nicole said...

oh my I shouldnt let Mr Armchair see this post.. haha.. I used to make homemade tortillas once upon a time (read: before baby came along :) ) and he would love it if I started again. I just find them so time consuming (I used to make corn tortillas) that I stopped. But these sure look good so hmm.. maybe i'll reconsider. :)

Jane said...

Thanks for doing the legwork for me and finding the perfect recipe! They look so much better than the type you can buy at the grocers.