Monday, June 27, 2011

The Peas Are Ready!! The Peas Are Ready!!

E LOVES peas. And when I say he loves peas...I mean he loves peas - like he can down a bucketful easily in one sitting.  So you can imagine how thrilled he was to hear that I get to take care of the whole garden at work and that we get to do all the harvesting for ourselves this week.  Saturday morning we all, along with S's sis, went strawberry picking (13 buckets can be picked quite quickly when you have 5 willing pickers) at the local patch then we headed to the garden (with a quick sidetrack at a garage sale on the way - can't wait to show the treasure we found!). 
Once there he got a half buckets worth to tide him over while he did a few errands and I worked on my own garden.  Then we picked three more buckets and there are only a couple handfuls left.
It is funny because when I first brought him home a smaller batch from work he was eating all the peas and then, once done, he would eat all the pods.  Now that the peas are plentiful he isn't eating as many of the pods. ;-)
Yes, I did feel tickled to gather bunches of green onions and put an elastic around them. ;-)
The snow peas and sugar snap peas are ready as well and there are so many I have a feeling I'll be spending some time freezing some this week.  I used a recipe from Simply in Season for Thai Green Beans (shown online here) substituting peas for beans and green onions from the garden for regular onions. 
The broccoli and zucchini and red peppers are ready as well so we also made a stirfry.  I just love this time of year when so much of each meal comes directly from the garden.  Such a feeling of abundance (only the carrots are bought).
And if all that weren't enough we also get to pick the ripe tomatoes out of the greenhouse - a mug full of Sweet Orange Cherry tomatoes.
Life is good!


Kathy said...

How wonderful to get to enjoy the produce from your garden. Lovely photos of everything, too! It's past time for peas here, but we're starting to get tomatoes and peppers from the garden -- and squash and cucumbers will be close behind them!

sheepish said...

It is so hard for me to imagine getting to this point (ie, where most of your produce comes from your garden).
It all looks so good. And must be a wonderful feeling to be able to walk outside the door and pick.

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Oh! We pick up our first CSA basket this week! We have almost 4 acres but NO time to garden, so we barter eggs for veggies with local farmers...thrilling, the best kind of exchange. Your veggies are so delicious-looking!

Country Girl said...

We are loving all the garden goodies tomatoes yet. Love that first picture of the peas!

Laeli said...

I want to eat everything here. nom nom nom

Laeli said...

I want to eat everything here. nom nom nom

daisy g said...

Oooooh, it all looks sooooooooo good! You're making me hungry!

Jacqueline said...

Oh wow! I hope there are still peas when we get back! All that amazing harvest is making we want a garden so badly! Please ask E to save some peas for us!!!

Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) said...

mouthwatering stirfry photos. My daughter and I share your pea excitement! I call them 'chips' because I can eat an endless supply without even noticing.