Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Through My Child's Eyes

W went for a hike down the bank today with his camera.  He sent me this picture when he returned.  I love getting to see things through the eyes of my boys.  When my boys were little I came across this quote:

A mother focuses the lens through which her children view life.

I've always found that to be quite true and wonderful - and it can also feel like a beautiful, huge responsibility at times too- and now I find it so interesting to have a chance to view things through their lens...literally too.


cathy@home said...

What a lovely quote and I agree with you

Erin said...

Such a wonderful quote, and it makes me realize how much we mamas do and how we set the course for their creativity and learning and growth. We can be such a positive influence and a compass of sorts to help them find their paths. This has greatly inspired me this morning...thank you Heather.

I love seeing this photo, and the way the yellow daisy pops is fantastic. I think I know this flower from drives through your side of the earth before, they dot the highways hill-sides where it is a bit rocky and disturbed, right?

Teri @ Love From the Farm said...

Lovely! Hope you're all settled in... Your boys seem like total sweethearts. And your joy is evident. How blessed.


donna!ee said...

AMEN heather...there's nothing quite like the view thru my children's perspective! :)

Pure Ella said...

What a lovely quote and that photo deserves a Huge frame ;)