Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Felted Sweater Hat and Needle Felted Sweater

Well, apparently I was having such a relaxing holiday that I managed to forget all about posting these two gifts - my favourite handmade things from this Christmas.  E had told me that he would like to get a hat with earflaps (what I consider an Elmer Fudd hat) and so I was delighted to find a pattern for one in this fun book (Warm Fuzzies by Betz White).   This made up quickly and easily on the 23rd from thrifted sweaters, already felted, I had on hand.  I was quite happy with how it turned out and I am thrilled with how much he loves it.  He has worn it constantly (even inside the house) since.

I also really like this gift - as a mama to two boys I am thrilled when I can make something for the little girls I know.  I was very pleased with how this one turned out too.  I started it quite awhile ago but somehow got sidetracked with other gifts so it was a good feeling to get it finished.
The bumble bee is a 3 D needle felted bee that I stitched on (the same kind I make for wreaths and hair barrettes). 
The ladybug is needle-felted right onto the little pocket.
And...I couldn't very well leave the back of the sweater plain, could I?  No, I didn't think so either, so I did a little dragon fly.  Fun.


sheila said...

Oh my, that sweater is really cute. I might have to do something like that for FDPG. She LOVES bugs. Lovely work, Heather.

Anonymous said...

Great job! I especially love the girl sweater with all the details you put on it, any little girl would be lucky to receive that. I bet she was so excited!

momma rae said...

both are so fun but i adore that sweater!! felted sweaters are so fun and useful!

Lisa said...

You are just so amazing! I can't even gush enough about your creativity and your sense of repurposing! I was wondering if you would tell me how to "felt" the sweaters?

That hat? would so go with my weather where I am! I just have to have one!

Norma said...

Perfect sweater for the hat. Love how that turned out and the girls sweater is sooo adorable!! Great job.

erin said...

I bet E is *still* wearing it! It turned out beautifully. You have a way with the patterns on the hats, Heather, and making it line up, just so.

I imagine the little girl who received the sweater looks lovely in it. You did an amazing job needle felting the little bees and ladybug. I love following the black dotted line to the flowers. :-)

Happy, glorious 2011 Heather! Are you travelling away this month?

Kelly said...

that sweater is GORGEOUS! fab work, mama!

Katherine said...

Love E's new hat and the needle felting on the little girl's sweater. Are these sweaters from your stash? I'm amazed at what you find to felt... I have a tougher time finding wool sweaters in interesting patterns or colours to work with. What's your secret? ;o)

Heather said...

Hi Lisa and thank you for your kind words. :-) Here is a link with some directions for felting sweaters.


They are really just sweaters that have been shrunk. One tip I have is, if you don't want your washer full of bits of wool, to put the sweaters into a pillowcase when felting. It is amazing how much wool comes off when felting. Also some people also put the sweaters in the dryer after but I just hang mine to dry.

For the needle felting part on the bug sweater I just use a special needle to sort of poke wool roving onto the sweater into the shape I want - the flowers and ladybug were done this way. Hope that helps.

Erin, happy 2011 to you too. We have no plans to travel this winter - it will be our first in 6 years staying home!! The boys and I decided last year when we were away that we would really like to have this winter at home - they want to learn to ski. It turned out to be a good thing that we had decided to stay home...although I'm not sure S is as convinced as we are. ;-)

Hello Katherine, you know my secret - excellent thrifting luck. ;-) Or maybe it is because I live somewhere where people don't need warm, wool sweaters as much as where you live so they end up in the thrift store more often?? (couldn't resist a tease - although living up where we do now I can't quite tease you as much as if I were still living down in the valley, we've likely got just as much snow as you)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Heather. I am always impressed with your creativity and resourcefulness.
I have made the laundry soap (several times now)that you described on a much earlier post. It works wonderfully! I love that there are no unnatural perfumes in it. I have thought of steeping and straining some flowers or lemon zest and then adding it as part of the water portion. Have you tried adding any natural scents to the recipe? I also made the citrus peel and vinegar cleaning solution. I love it!
Thanks for posting such wonderful ideas!

Jane said...

you are so talented! I am going to try the laundry detergent,this looks like a good recipe,I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well,thanks and blessings Jane,I am so sorry, I miss typed part of the above message,jane

Jacinda said...

I've done a bit of felting on woolen jerseys and coats to entice my eldest to wear them. My felting hasn't been as detailed as this gorgeous jersey but it's worked and makes the garment so much more beautiful. I love how needle felting is so quick and so forgiving. Nice work. Love the repurposed hat too.

Resweater said...

I love that hat! :)

Heather said...

Hi Denise, thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. I have tried adding some essential oils to the washing machine before as I was using the soap but I haven't found it to make too much of a difference. I read somewhere that soap can sort of cancel out the smell of the essential oil so not sure if that is why or not. I almost always dry our laundry outside anyway so prefer that fresh air smell but there are times in the winter when I think it would be nice to have a scent in the soap (our clothes take longer to dry on our racks inside and don't have that same sunshine smell as the rest of the year). I think it may be better to add the essential oils to the rinse cycle but I'm never quite organized enough to do so. ;-)

Heather said...

Hi Jane, no worries, I'm always mistyping things. ;-) I hope you like the laundry soap, it is a big money saver too.

Tricia said...

I absolutely love the hat and am scrounging around the closets for felted sweaters to make one for myself. Cute. Cute.

Tonya Gunn said...

Wow, both of these projects are wonderful!
Warm wishes,

Teri @ Love From the Farm said...

Hi! I just have to tell you that you SERIOUSLY cut into my productivity of the past several days because I read your blog from back to front, all the way through! I so enjoy all that you share and your idyllic life.

I'm a mom of 4 in northern Arizona, so I'm not sure our climates/ environments could be more different, but I feel such a kinship with your adoration of your children and of natural living. We aren't living anywhere near as close to nature as you do, but you set a lovely threshold to which we can aspire.

I look forward to continue reading of your BC life.

Warmest regards,


Julie said...

What an adorable sweater! I really like that hat, too. You do such great things with recycled sweaters. :-)

City Sister said...

How cute...my little girl is obsessed with bugs!