Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Last year was our first (and we thought, only) year in this temporary home and we decided that we would take full advantage of the tall ceiling and get a giant Christmas tree.  Since we find ourselves still here it seemed only natural to go out and find another big tree for this year's celebrations.  On Saturday we went a couple miles up the road and started our search.  Our faithful friend scouted things out for us (actually he just bounded through the snow as blissful as a puppy just as he does on our daily walks).  We found the one we wanted in a very short time.
2010 Tree
Then we brought it home and set it up - much more quickly than last year due to the experience gained from our struggles last year.
2010 Tree
The next day, after far too long for E's liking (he was asking at very regular intervals when we would be decorating from the moment we set it up) we decorated it.  One of the things I love about Christmas is getting out the box of decorations each year and the memories they invoke.  Most of our ornaments are handmade and I can recall the making of them and what was happening at that time in our lives - they all have their own little bit of history.
2010 Tree
And now I look forward to evenings in front of the fire, with the tree all aglow and filling our home with its delightful fresh scent.  Beautiful!
2010 Tree
And what was keeping us so busy that our poor youngest son had to wait to decorate that tree?  We were both making gifts.  I especially love it when S gets time to create.  He makes beautiful, useful items out of wood and he does it so well.  Last year he made these walnut breadboards/serving boards and this year he is making walnut utensils like this butter spreader (and other secret things...or so I hear).
Walnut wood butter spreader
Such a fun time of  year.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

The tree looks beautiful and I would love one of those wood utensils for Christmas.

Elizabeth said...

We had the tree-to-the-ceiling last year because I left the husband and offspring to do the selection and we did not have enough lights or decorations. Not to mention I was the one hanging precariously over the loft railing to decorate the top.
It only fell over once :)

the walnut spreader is beautiful.

Jacqueline said...

ooohhh, the tree is amazing! can't wait to see it (and smell it!)

affectioknit said...

What an awesome tree! Happy Advent!