Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watermelon and Carrots

E had his own garden bed in our old garden for several years, he loves to graze in the garden and has always been proud of growing his own food.  This year, since we are gardening on borrowed land, he helped me plant his favourites in our joint beds.  He Loves watermelon and was keen to grow some this year.  Our Sugar Baby plants are growing like crazy and we have one melon already ready.  E is going to pick it today and we'll enjoy every bit of it for dessert.
These carrots are absolutely beautiful to me.  Originally E got the seeds from The Cottage Gardener and they were beautiful (and delicious) the first time we grew them (you can find them here, they're the coloured mixed ones), but these ones I find even more beautiful because they come from E's first saved seeds.  Two years ago he let several things go to seed in his garden and he saved lettuce seeds and carrot seeds. 
I love that he does things like this - that it is just natural to him to save seeds and grow food.  Such a delicious and useful skill to have.


sheila said...

Gosh! I've never had such long straight carrots. Did you have really soft soil? We're actually growing that kind, too. Ours are stumpy and fat!

vinic: Latin, meaning "I drank too much and now I have the hiccups."

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

I think teaching our children to grow their own food, tend the soil, and save the seeds is THE most important skill we can teach in terms of survival of the human species! Good for you! I'm going to try to save more seeds this year too!

Erin said...

Love these carrots Heather, so beautiful!! We're enjoying carrots now too, some small, long, fat, twisty, they're all sooo good!

We get this rainbow mix at the farmers market. I'd like to try them from seed next year! Beautiful for slaws and salads.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I have never tried other types of carrots before, but after seeing those I think I will!