Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy Peach Pie

Last week I bought a couple boxes of peaches to make the peach butter and then decided we needed some peach pie too.  I wanted to make it quickly because it was almost dinner time so I decided to try using the same dough that I use for tomato pie (minus the cheese and with a spoonful of brown sugar added instead) since I can make that up so quickly.
The peaches were very juicy and ripe so I put some bread crumbs and some ground almonds on the bottom of the crust to help soak up the juice.
Then sliced the peaches and mixed in two more spoonfuls of brown sugar and put them on the crust with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Folded in the edges.
And baked until done.
It was very quick to put together and went down a treat.  Now we need to get more peaches so we can have it again.

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Anonymous said...

If you keep coming up with amazing looking recipes, your going to make my To Do list longer! LOL. Can't wait for the Farmers Market on Friday now, peaches are going on my list! Thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie xx