Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Town Garden

Normally I love to post photos of my garden and if you were to look back a few years on this blog probably all you would see in my summertime posts are garden photos. I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of my garden in town yet this year - I usually rush there, work on the big garden then, if time allows, quickly do the basics on my garden, then rush home.  Yesterday I tooks some time to prune and tie my tomatoes, pick some more veg and, finally, to take some photos. The front garden in this photo (the parts with the newly mulched pathways) is my garden.  All the garden to the back (250 tomato plants), the garden to the side and another huge garden up front are growing food for the landowners use and the foodbank.  It is very fun to be a part of that. 
I have pole beans climbing on the right - these are my saved seeds that I have collected for years, starting in my old garden.  I missed these SO much last year when we first left our garden and I didn't grow them.  It was quite a shock to my system to buy green beans from the farmer market and have to pay $4 for a small bag  (I'm used to giving bucketsful away and eating bucketsful) so our consumption of beans went way down last year.
Can't wait to make this again.

I planted watermelon for E - our watermelon king.  Not his Moon and Stars kind  (shown in our old garden here)  because we got a late start and had to buy seedlings but I'm sure these Sugar Baby will be delicious too.
Some of my tomato plants, beets, onion and basil.
We've been enjoying our cucumbers already. 
My first time growing soybeans.
I planted some bush beans as well because of last year's deprivation of beans. ;-)
Our peppers, these are Super Shepherd and will turn red.  I use them in antipasto and salsa.
Tomatillo attempting to take over the whole bed and a pathway.
Purple ruffles basil.  Haven't tasted it yet but it looks beautiful.  Can you imagine how interesting the pesto from this would look on pizza or pasta?
My first attempt at growing sweet potatoes.
There are also carrots, green onions, lettuce, nasturium, marigold, and other herbs tucked in there.


affectioknit said...

Awesome garden!

Amy Dingmann said...

I am SO hungry right now! And 250 tomato plants? People told me I was crazy with 18!! Your garden is beeeeautiful. :)

sheila said...

Gosh, I can't get over how different your season is from ours here on the coast. It's like a slow motion film speeded up 4,000X. We're no where near having cukes, although our tomatillos look about the same. Lovely garden.

Erin said...

Looking so gorgeous, Heather! And your pathways look pretty, mulched and defined that way. Thanks for capturing some of the glory coming along so nicely. Your beans are looking happy and lush. The one thing I haven't planted this year!
It is so great that you have found this place and this family to enrich your lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow...everything looks great. I just harvested a big bowl of bush beans today - green, yellow, and royal burgandy. I agree. There can never be enough beans.

We planted sugar baby watermelon this year, but none of our squash, melon or cucumbers are doing well. There are tons of bees....but they aren't pollinating. Any idea why? I've been out there with my little paint brush attempting to do it myself...but it's a lot of work - I wish nature would just do it's thing. :) We have 20 tomato plants and they are starting to come along. Soon we'll be inundated. :) I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. -Debbie

Katherine said...

Your garden looks great, Heather! So glad you will get to enjoy your own green beans this season. I'm interested to see how those sweet potatoes grow. I've never attempted to grow them. Purple basil is fantastic as I remember it. Mmmm... all that growing goodness.

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Oh, this reminds me of the gardens I used to have before my kids took over my life! Our wise family physician says that it's hard to raise a young family AND a garden! I take that as permission to take a year or two off and support our local CSA farm...but your photos make me miss my own! Beautiful...congratulations!

Mary-Sue said...

wow! WOW!!! SO beautiful. everything you touch turns to pure magic. gorgeous! thanks for the pics!!