Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shaggy Mane Soup

My folks came to visit this past weekend and so while S and W were at a mountain bike race E went out mushrooming with my mom (he has become such a mushroom lover since first finding these Shaggy Manes)  and I went hiking with my Dad on the High Rim Trail.  When we got back from our hike E and my mom had a basket of Shaggy Manes so I decided to make some soup while Evan fried some in butter so that my parents could try them.  I chopped some potatoes into little cubes and simmered them in broth until they were soft.  Then I melted some butter in a pan and added some milk and water to make a bit of a roux. (Although I sometimes skip this step and just let the potatoes add the creaminess).  I added the potatoes (mashed just a bit but still with some cubes left) and broth to the roux, added the rest of the mushrooms that E had fried in the butter and let it cook for a few minutes.  Then I turned it off and added some chopped fresh dill and salt and pepper.

They had picked a few that were too far gone to use (not inky yet but getting there) and so I threw these into a garden bed with some horse manure in the hopes that we will have our own patch of Shaggy Manes right in our garden this Autumn.


Erin said...

Looks scrumptious, Heather!!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your parents, how great that they can still enjoy hikes and foraging with their grand kids!!

Hope you have a great Father's Day...we're off to canoe and pic-nic for ours!


Leigh said...

Oh gosh, that looks so yummy. We like to eat mushrooms but I know absolutely nothing about foraging for or growing them. I need to learn.

moominmamma said...

It looks great! Mine always looks greyer than that. I suppose I need to be pickier about just using the newest shrooms.