Monday, June 14, 2010

Drying Comfrey

My poor long-suffering husband.  He's been with me through many changes in our 20 years together.  He puts up with an awful lot of my "wackiness" as he jokingly calls it.  He has long since gotten used to me having herbs and "weeds" hanging around the house to dry and has grown accustomed to eating "weeds" in his dinner.  Recently I have been drying things for a friend too and so there is even more goodness around the house.  Last week I picked comfrey with a friend and brought home two boxes stuffed full.  I filled the drying line that I usually use.
I filled the sheet on the floor that I use to dry nettle.  As I was laying a second sheet on our bedroom floor to fill he casually mentioned that he "would like enough space to be able to get up out of bed" without trodding on comfrey leaves.  Imagine that...wanting to be able to get out of bed without stepping on Stinging Nettle or fuzzy Comfrey!!


Erin said...

I love about you the following:

-your wonderful humour
-how much your "long suffering husband" clearly adores you, and
-your endless uses for weeds and herbs.

Thank you; I learn so much :-)

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

God bless our suffering husbands...mine turns a blind eye when I walk in the house with another bag of yarn, loves my "little piles" (of books, fabric, yarn, etc.), and encourages my quirks...I think WE're the ones who were blessed!

Moment to Moment said...

what do you do with your comfrey once dry?
I so love fresh herbs that I forget about keeping some for the long winter months.

Heather said...

This dried comfrey is for a friend. She is using it to make a strong "tea" and then adding the tea to her bath water to make a healing bath. It is handy to have some dried on hand for a winter supply in case you need some.