Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lightning Strikes

Well, suffice it to say it has been an interesting week around here, we had lightning strike the big tree right in front of the house, just off the deck, last Monday.  We were home and it was quite an experience.  Our computer (and satellite internet) has not yet recovered!  This photo shows one of the spots the tree was marked - there are two other areas near the top of the tree.
There have been all sorts of interesting things going on - large scale gardening, birds flying into our windows and subsequent bird rescues, lots of work for all of us, herb collecting and tincture making, several hikes, friends and family visiting, and yes, that lightning and the resulting fried hot water thermostat and water softener, burned up intenet connection and receiver, and our computer and printer.  E was outside when the lightning struck and he came roaring into the house just as W and I were racing out in fear the tree would crash through our big front windows.  There were bits of bark and strips of tree as far as 60 feet away and there were even chunks of bark thrown up onto our deck and onto a chair back.
Doing anything on the temporary computer/connection we have is agonizingly slow so I'll have to wait until we get  a new computer sorted out so that I can share some bird and garden pictures.  In the meantime I hope you have been having a slightly less eventful week than we have. ;-)


Erin said...

Whoa! What a week indeed, and sooo glad your house and all of you in it are FINE!!! That must have been a deafening sound, i've never really heard lightning strike anything.

You're gardening!? That's so terrific, and can't wait to see pictures of what you've been up to. :-) I was under the impression you might be scaling back alot on the gardening front as you spent time scouting for your very own back 40 or so!

ipsa said...


I'm so glad everyone is okay. What an experience!

sheila said...

Oh boy, I was wondering how your computer fared - but it sounds like there were more casualties than that! Shocking.

Croola: May is croola than April in terms of lightening strikes.

TwigandToadstool said...

We had lightning hit our well and it blew up part of our water pump!!! I'm always in awe of the damage that lightning can do...I give it my utmost respect!
Glad you are safe!

Unknown said...

You've just received a Beautiful Blogger Award xxx


Heather said...

Erin, I did try to scale back on gardening (sort of...erm, OK, it crossed my mind for a bit at least) but it just wasn't meant to be, I'm afraid. Gardening is too big a part of me! ;-)
Actually I was made an offer I couldn't refuse and now I am spending as much time as I can spare on a massive garden in town. I planted 250 tomato plants last weekend and there are still more to be planted. It is a fantastic experience and much of the food grown will be going to the local food bank so it just feels extra good.

Heather said...

Thanks Rebecca, yes it was quite the experience. Amazing and very cool but unfortunately also expensive. :-(

Yes Shelia, very croola indeed!

Hi Twig and Toadstool, thanks for your visit. I very much enjoyed having a quick peek at your blog and will enjoy checking back in when I have more time.

Thank you Shell. That's very kind of you. :-)