Friday, March 19, 2010

Got Eggs?

The boys were given a dozen double yolk eggs when we were visiting a farm last week.  When we saw the huge shells we knew we had to do something with them. 
We decided we would grow some wheat grass in them.  We drew faces on them, put some soil into them and added some soaked wheat kernels.  Then we let them sit on the windowsill.
In a while they started sprouting some "hair".
E has already given his egg a "hair" cut while somehow managing to avoid having me give him his own overdue haircut.

These are so much fun that we've decided to make we just need to decide what we should call them - Eggheads or Wheatheads (sorta like Meatheads). ;-)


ipsa said...

Super cute! I love their little faces. And the wheat grass was inspired.

Jacqueline said...

what a fun idea! they are so cute!

Mary-Sue said...

hee hee! love them!!
and a WHOLE DOZEN double yokers? goodness! i wonder what kind of chickens that guy has. we get one occasionally, but VERY rarely.

AG Ambroult said...

cute idea!I love the log egg holder, too.
Every once and a while, our chickens give us a double-yolk egg. But I can't imagine having a whole dozen!

Heather said...

This farm had a LOT of chickens, I'd guess around 80. The wheatheads really are fun to make with the big shells.

Leigh said...

*LOL. Very clever!