Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Month of....

Sunshine and sunsets
Fresh eating
(in a different sort of way...I'm calling it my cutty, cutty, paste, paste journal)

Thrifting (of course!)
(a 1971  Thermos - love it! and my own copy of Pride and white-shirt lovin' heart be still)
Hiking (naturally! and more on these hikes later)
I can never help myself from taking too many photos of these gorgeous trees.  They're huge and beautiful and I love the way their bark peels off to reveal such gorgeous colours in their trunks.
All sorts of beauty
( I love finding heart-shaped rocks so I was tickled when I saw this - a heart-shaped hole in the lava)
(details on finished projects later)
Critters of all sorts - birds, turtles, geckos, humpback whales...
(E spotted this gecko with no tail, they can drop their tail as an escape tactic when necessary)
(E's  photo of one of  his favourite birds there)
And I know it isn't a good photo but one day the whales were in very close to shore all day. We were eating dinner and looked out to see this whale in very close. S snapped a photo as she did a fin slap and then we ran across to the beach to watch her. Some others had been watching her for an hour and said that at first she had been on her own and now we could see there were two whales...they figured she had her baby within that hour. Wonderful.

Not to mention lots of planning and dreaming, snorkeling, reading and a whole lot of relaxing.

Hope you had a wonderful month - the first month of this new decade.


Sarah said...

I am LOVING that Thermos. I've been trying and trying to find a red plaid one similar to the one the dog uses on Shaun the Sheep. No luck yet. You must have High Level Thrifting Abilities.

Jacqueline said...

love the photos. looks like you had a wonderful trip!
looking forward to catching up with you :-)

affectioknit said...

WOW! FUN! Delicious! Beautiful!

Mary-Sue said...

oh! LOVELY! so excited about your journaling... and the whale had her baby that hour?!?!?! be still MY birth-loving heart! and, yes, my P&P heart too. your OWN copy? can i borrow it? next year? when you've watched it 998 times already? ;o) GLAD to have you back!!!

Linda said...

Beautiful skies - how about joining the Skywatch Fridays at

I'm envious about your tropical holiday!

Maia said...

Hey, my name is Maia. I have a blog of my own (
I was browsing the blogs and found yours. The photos are AMAZING!! Are you a professional photographer? I have a passion for them, too, and so does my sister, although she loves to cook and garden. Check out her blog at
From what I've seen of your blog, you two would like eachother...


Fantastic Five said...

So nice to see that you are back!
Thank you for sharing some of your photos here. Warm and lovely. Ahhh.....


Heather said...

Hi Sarah, I LOVE that - High Level Thrifting Abilities...HLTA. I'll have to tell my family that one.
Indeed I DO have HLTA and I can tell you my secret - I wholeheartedly, absolutely, truly believe that I will find every single thing I want/need at the thrift store...really! I have always thought this way and I just always do find whatever I'm looking for, it is almost funny. My boys are the same way. W can even find the exact style of shoe he wants in the colour/pattern he wants in the size he needs...for shockingly good prices. We love it.

Heather said...

Mary-Sue, I think we'll have to watch it together instead of (or at least as well as) you borrowing it, no? ;-)

Maia, thank you kindly for your lovely compliment. No, I am most assuredly not a professional photographer - I have a very inexpensive point and shoot camera to which I have never even read the directions. I use two settings usually - either auto or close-up -because I like flower photos and don't really know much about using any of the other settings. ;-)
But...I could consider myself a professional See-er because I do love to look at, observe and pay attention to all around me especially in nature so maybe that helps me with my photography???
I'll be sure to check out your and your sister's blog. Thanks for the links.

Maia said...

That's pretty much what I do... I have a tiny digital camera and I mainly use the setting close-up, because I love flower photos (all the photos on my blog are mine), and nature. It's so photogenic!
I could call myself a See-er, too... I guess........

Leigh said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs, Heater!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and it looks like you had a wonderful time! I have a cutty cutty paste paste journal too, though I've never called it that -- but now it has a new name!! Love it!!
Rebecca :)

Green Gal said...

Neat pictures!! Looking forward to reading your other posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

Heather said...

Hi Rebecca, fun to know you have a similar way of journalling. I am surprised by how much I love it. It isn't something I would have ever made the time for before but I did on holiday and I enjoyed it so much that I am going to make sure I continue it. The cutty, cutty, paste, paste name just came to me from some vague memory of grade one. I think it is apt.