Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunsets, Crafting and Giant Chocolate Bars

The boys and I have been spending at least a little time each day working on some crafts.  E saw a little mouse in this book and decided that he Must Make One Right Now.  So he did.  And then he made another, and another, and another.  A whole mischief of mice.  They're darling.  So sweet.

I tried out a felted candy cane for the tree.

We had to dig out some of our old lights because we didn't have enough LED lights to fill our huge tree.

Each evening we take time to stop and enjoy the sunset.

And, we decided we couldn't resist getting a giant chocolate bar each for two family members.  Each time I see one of these I am tickled.  They are just so ridiculously huge.  The Green & Black's bar pictured below is actually a 100 gram family sized bar.  It just looks teeny compared to the other one.  These are so yummy.


affectioknit said...

That chocolate is CRAZY BIG!

Jain said...

The chocolate bar is unreasonably large - but it's okay since it's dark chocolate. :o)

E's mice are adorable, so is your candy cane. I'm just learning to knit, and recently seasoned some old cast iron skillets, so I'm going to try your felted pothandle one day soon.

I enjoy your blog a lot. Take care,

Mary-Sue said...

LOVE the mice! so cute! must learn how to make felted animals! maybe in new year?