Thursday, December 31, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days

The last day of the year...and what a surprising year it was for us.  If someone had told us we would sell our home and move to the woods temporarily we would have been very surprised indeed.  It's true that life is full of surprises and yet, I still like to plan some things each year.  I put together this list (quite quickly as I don't like to spend too much time on the actual details) and S noticed when he numbered it for me (I've no idea how to use Word table) that I had more than 101.  Quite a few more.  But then I somehow lost my Creativity section (again...I've no idea how to use Word table) and couldn't remember what I'd had on it when I went to type it in now I'm down to 112.  Seems a good number to me.  ;-)

So, here's my list of things I want to accomplish.  It is funny to me to notice how different this list is than a list I would have had any other year - no garden improvements or house renos or improvements - living in a temporary home certainly frees up time to add more recreational pursuits on the list.  In some ways I found it a little bit difficult to make a list like this not knowing where we will be living or when we will be moving but most things I put on will stay the same even once we get our new place.  The only thing that would differ is that there would likely be a few less camping trips. Anyway, a very fun exercise.  Would love to hear from anyone else doing something similar.

I'll be coming back to this list often and marking in bold the items I have accomplished.  Anyone want to join me in 101 things in 1001 days?


1. Find and buy our farm!! And in the meantime…trust that all will be well

2. Plan new garden for said farm. (see whole other 101 list just for new garden – so exciting!)

3. Get chickens

4. Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Know this and live this!!! Now…before moving again.

5. Go easy on yourself this first Spring without your home and your springtime garden and rituals


6. Empty 1 freezer by April 2010

7. Consistently keep 3 week menu plan (new plan of keeping weekly dinner plan working well)

8. Shop at grocery store only once every three weeks

9. Listen to music whenever cleaning (order CDs from library)

10. Use up all 2008 canning (by June)

11. Keep inside of car clean and organized. Check each Monday.

12. Make homemade perogies monthly. Freeze extras. (I laugh, ha ha, at the thought of extras)

13. Go back to making homemade tortillas (make lots and freeze)


14. Re-read Jane Austen

15. Read (or re-read) all of Elizabeth Gaskell’s books

16. Read (or re-read) all of Leo Buscaglia’s books

17. Read one inspirational/motivational book per month – ask friends for new suggestions

18. Read a book from a new (to-me) Canadian author

19. Re-read Stretching Lessons

20. Read a book (fiction) from bestseller list

21. Read a book (non-fiction) from bestseller list


22. Increase local food %. Figure out what % at now and improve by 10 % by end of Summer 2010. (100 mile challenge)

23. Reduce garbage from one small bag a week to less by changing cat litter to wood chip product

24. Handmade/no paper wrap Christmas and Solstice 2010

25. Buy nothing new for 3 months- Feb, Mar and April 2010. Then…do it again.


26. Start reading “classics” aloud each morning again – everyone takes turns

27. Learn a new bird each month with E

28. Learn one new word a day with both boys

29. Research Britain trip – each pick top 10 must-see/do things

30. Stick with learning routine of mornings for “bookish” and afternoons for creativity/activities/friends/outdoors

31. Brainstorm with W re Teen learning workshops – start Feb 2010

32. A Writer’s Book of Days – do two exercises per week with W

33. Continue with W’s brilliant idea of each doing a “priority” each week

34. Savour, Savour, Savour each moment with my boys each day…they go by only too quickly!!

35. Write a letter to the provincial/federal government

36. Write a letter to City Council

37. Go to “lake” in Spring 2010 to learn more about building, car repairs and welding

38. Make homemade rootbeer with boys, Mom and Dad – Spring 2011

39. Take mushroom course with E Autumn 2010

40. Make 6 new mixed CDs for road trips


41. Solitary walk (or with four-footed companion) 3 times a week

42. Enjoy bi-monthly massage from S

43. Make another sun bonnet just for fun

44. Get rid of any clothes I don’t LOVE and feel good in!

45. Spring 2010 Nettle Cleanse (as soon as nettle is up)

46. Sing…every day!! (dancing is good too)

47. Continue practice of turning off phone in the mornings

48. Host Girls Night each Spring , Fall and Winter (at least)

49. Re-watch The Up Series

50. Watch The Waltons

51. Find a beautiful shawl at thrift store


52. Visit D and S at home this Summer

53. Visit C and A at home this Spring

54. Holiday with family in tropics

55. Send photos and updates every two months (at least) to family members

56. Take more family photos to capture each holiday/trip/event


57. Learn to make own soap – Spring 2010 (how about Spring 2011) - Did it (finally) Dec 2011

58. Make lovely fold-up shopping bags for self to keep (do not give away!)

59. Find refillable source for dishsoap to reduce plastic bottle

60. Continue to always eschew dryer (no hard feelings) even in wintertime ;-)

61. Learn and use one new “weed” each month during growing season

62. Make own “herbamare” from own herbs

63. Read more on off-the-grid living and “green” remodelling

64. Make own Mozzarella

65. Make extra cloth shopping bags and give away to people (strangers, even!)


66. Camping – Conkle, Wasa, Rathtrevor, Long Beach, Glacier, Haleakala, Blanket Creek, Cape Lookout, Florence

67. Hot Springs – Ainsworth, Halcyon

68. Vancouver Island Camping trip with boys

69. Morel hunt in fire region – Spring 2011 - but no luck finding any

70. Hike – parts of Juan de Fuca trail with boys

71. Hike – High Rim Trail in entirety (overnight/with packs) with family

72. Hike – Cathedral Park overnight with S

73. Hike – Illicilleweat Glacier with family (overnight this time at alpine hut)

74. Hike – Mt Robson

75. Hike – Mt. Revelstoke with S(overnight)

76. Hike – Haleakala crater

77. Hike – West Coast Trail Summer 2011

78. Bike – Part of Trans Canada Trail Summer 2011 and another part Summer 2012

79. Snowshoe twice each Winter (2010 - 1/2) (2011 - 2/2)  and downhill skied too!

80. X-Country ski twice each Winter (2010 - 1/2) (2011 - 0/2)

81. Practice archery Spring and Fall

82. Try rock-climbing with boys Spring 2010

83. Sunrise at Haleakala (and sunset a bonus full moon!)

84. Kayak Bowron Lakes circuit with Family Summer 2010 (or 2011 depending on move)

85. Kayak (on own or with friend) while boys mountain bike on Summer weekends

86. Snorkel with turtles and dolphins and octopus and Humpback song, oh my!

87. Body board in warm tropical waters.


88. Take one bag to thrift store each month

89. Sort through trunk and box of childhood stuff and let go of some

90. Start and complete photo albums…or be very nice to S (neck rubs?) while he does it!

91. Use up or give away any fabric that is not a natural fibre and sort remainder

92. Go through recipe binder and toss any recipes I won’t use and try the rest in 2010

93. Start using household binder again for menu plan, grocery list and daily to-do list

94. Keep computer cleaned out and up-to-date (delete, delete, delete)

95. Go through binders from work and college and Chuck Stuff Out!


96. Have a candlelit dinner

97. Write a thank you letter to someone I appreciate them

98. Dinner out with S - 2 times (2/2 )

99. Time on own with W each week

100. Time on own with E each week

101. Identify 100 things that make me happy,write them out and frame



102. Make duvet cover for E out of favourite old t-shirts (striped)

103. Knit plain beanie for S

104. Knit woolen toque for D

105. Make felted sweater quilt

106. Finish Einstein coat by May 1 2010 (decided not to make at all)

107. Make embroidered bookmarks for rest of family

108. Make embroidered tea towels for gifts

109. Have all main gifts (Solstice and Christmas) done by December 1 each year


110. Make time for guitar again each week. Learn 2 new songs on guitar (Long, Long Time and Edelweiss) by December 31, 2010

111. Learn one new Christmas song on piano by December 2010

112. Tune harp!


sheila said...

Wowee zowee. That's some list! Impressive work there, Heather.

Brooke said...

Love your list! I just checked out the site yesterday, and signed up, so now on to making my list. Thanks for some inspiration, and good luck with your 1001 days!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational as always.
Happy New Year!
Rebecca :)

ipsa said...

Inspiring list, Heather! I look forward to being your 101/1001 buddy until September 27, 2012.

I'm excited about it and I'm busy thinking of ways to help myself actually chew through my own list! I'm so good at planning... not the best at follow-through. :)

Heather said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. Happy New Year to you!

A dear friend just pointed out to me that many things on my list are on-going type things - things I need to keep up with daily, weekly or monthly. I just looked back to realize she is right. Eep!! That doesn't do much to satisfy the cross-outer part of me. ;-) I'm the sort who likes to add things to my daily list even though I've done them just for the satisfaction of crossing them off. :-) Ah well, needs must and I very much feel the need to get really organized this year (For Myself) because I feel as though that will help all my other goals and plans fall into place more easily.

Jacqueline said...

i love your list! i'm going to make one too!

Sue said...

Welcome back Heather! Now I know why you live Hawaii! This is very inspirational, these goals.Thanks for posting!

Clong said...

Camping, Gardening, Thrifting, THE WALTONS! I think we might be kindred spirits.

Amanda Medlin said...

I love your blog! You are such an inspiration to me. I feel like we are kindred spirits even though I'm no where close to living as natural of a lifestyle as you. But I am working really hard at getting there and am learning a lot from your blog. I love the energy you have in this post. I feel the same energy...I can't live without to do lists and goals. I'd rather be moving forward in life than standing still. I'm going to go work on compiling my lists into a 101 in 1001 and put it on my blog...

Amanda Medlin said...

Here's my list...

Thanks for the inspiration!

The Finicky Farmer said...

So inspirational! I just found this list, and I'm eager to create my own. Thanks, too, for the excellent book suggestions as well.

Mike said...

The best thing you can do for next year or rather 2013 is to take care of yourself. Nothing is more important then your own health. We should always put our health first.