Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End of Summer

Last weekend we squeezed in a camping trip. It was wonderful to get away and we especially love going at this time of year, the campgrounds are quiet and the leaves just starting to turn.  This peak was clear on our first day there and then had snow on it on the last day.

We kept seeing geese flying in formation, off to warmer climes, I suppose.

I love being on the beach early in the morning and watching the mist burn off as the sun comes up.

E has been interested in learning all he can about mushrooms and has been noticing them everywhere on our hikes.  We're taking photos of them to help us identify them.

We saw several waterfalls and fish spawning in two different waterways.

We enjoyed being surrounded by mountain peaks and seeing glaciers.

We took a short ferry ride to our ultimate in relaxation - Hotsprings!!

We had our first, last and only campfire of the season.  This has been such a hot dry year in B.C, we'vebeen surrounded by forest fires and there has been a campfire ban for most of the season.

We found a new hiking spot...

with lots of choices. ;-)

More waterfalls.

And we couldn't resist stopping for a photo op at the Garbage Gobbler (we never can resist when we find these).  These are something that many long-time B.C residents will remember from their road trips in the 70s.  Miss them.

I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful province.

What a Summer this has been for us.  Busy, peaceful, intense, joyful, crazy, simple.  We do love our summers.  Beachtime, gardens, camping, biking, sunshine, family, hiking, fresh food, ocean, preserving, kayaking, fishing and more beachtime.  And now...now we celebrate Autumnul equinox and this year, in particular, I look forward to "gathering our energies and turning our attention inward" for a spell.  Time for reflection, time for balance.  Our quieter time of Autumn and Winter tend to balance out our tendencies to squeeze every bit of busy enjoyment out of Spring and Summer.  So, tonight we celebrate - life, abundance, seasons and balance.


affectioknit said...

That looks like an awesome camping trip!

Jacqueline said...

It looks like a wonderful camping trip. We hope to join you next time! The scenery is so beautiful in that area.

Anne said...

Nice pics! Good to hear that you had a great weekend. We are very fortunate here in BC. Yes, I do remember the garbage gobblers, looks like you got to close!