Monday, August 17, 2009

To "the lake"

The boys and I have just returned from "the lake". This is the lake where I have gone for summer holiday since I was about 2 years old. We used to camp there with all our family - aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - each summer for three weeks, now my folks live there year round so we can visit whenever we like. Back in my younger years my uncle would tie a long rope to the canoe so my cousin and I couldn't go too far out, these days I don't need a rope and I prefer a kayak to a canoe. Happily I can usually manage to convince at least a few people to go for a paddle with me. ;-0

I love going here and can't imagine my summer without it, neither can my boys since it has always been a part of their lives. Here they do all sorts of things they don't normally do at home - ride old bikes with Grampa, shoot a BB gun with Gramma, make a zipline, take part in the annual Rummoli tournament put on by my Aunt, ride a BBQ cart and eat some form of sugar they wouldn't have at home. ;-)

There is beach time but we live in an area of beautiful beaches so that isn't the main draw. Time with family and friends is the best part...well, that and my favourite thrift store. It has become an annual tradition to go to this thrift store on the lake. We love it and quite often come away with a garbage bag full of goodies for a very small price.

A new skirt - love the pattern and the colours $2.

An apron which I've already put to good use today making our favourite pumpkin muffins.

Two matching sets of vintage sheets with pillow cases. I've been on the lookout for vintage sheets or other goodies for a friend (as well as more pillow cases for myself) but when I found these matching sets in such good shape I couldn't bear the thought of them being cut up. I'm sure they've been tucked in someone's cabin and only used once a year (at the most) since they were new. I immediately thought of a lovely mama I know (fellow lover of older things) with two delightful little girls and could just picture these in their room one day.I also got this curtain because I couldn't resist the pattern. I made myself immediately cut it as soon as I got back to my folks' so that I wouldn't decide to keep it as is.I used some of it to make a shopping bag for my SIL. One nice thing about going thrifting with family is that you immediately find out which fabrics they like most and that makes it much easier to know which fabric to use for their shopping bag.

On the way to the lake the boys and I were disappointed to see that another of the old wooden bridges (considered one-lane bridges by all us tourists, two lane by old-timer locals) is being replaced. W commented, on our way there as we drove over the bridge, on how going over the one-lane bridge is part of going to "the lake", that once you pass over you feel as though you are almost there. I feel as though passing over these old bridges, and waiting your turn to do so, is rather like taking a ferry to get to some of the Gulf Islands, it is a sign to Slow Down and enjoy the holiday. A reminder to get into "cottage" time (or island time on the islands). We are sad to see another one go, on our way home we drove over the new bridge as they had already closed off the old one during our week there. W took a photo through the window to remind himself of it.

Today we are puttering and getting some things done that need doing. But...I also made some time to sew just one more shopping bag. These things are addictive.

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Jacqueline said...

Looks like you had another wonderful week at the lake! And found some treasures thrifting! Love the colors of the shopping bags too. That last pic of the yellow one is sooo fun! See you soon!