Monday, August 31, 2009

A Gorgeous Weekend

We had such a lovely weekend - time with friends, time at the beach (twice!), time for the bikers to bike, time for the kayakers to kayak, fishing time, reading time, swimming time, knitting time, a bit of garage sale time and lots of yummy local, fresh food as well.  I feel very blessed to live the life I live.

The loons decided not to cooperate with me when it came to picture taking but this guy did.
A great cast.
The boys had fun watching a whole load of these little guys hopping and swimming about.
A favourite quick lunch for in between kayaking up in the mountain lake and heading down to the beach in town - round multi-grain flatbreads with a slice of cheese and a slice of beefsteak tomato toasted under the broiler.  Delicious.
And because we know some generous gardeners...
Every lunch and dinner these days comes served with fresh tomatoes. ;-)
Herbed polenta topped with sauteed zucchini, mushroom and garlic (with loads of herbs) and then sprinkled with Romano cheese.
And probably also with cucumber - these ones are sliced and then mixed with a dollop of mayo, a sprinkle of salt and lots of dill.
In one of the books I am reading the author writes that she saw a book titled Paint What You Want to See and how she thought that would make a great life philosophy...I think so too and that is very much how we choose to live our lives.  This weekend was all about painting what we wanted to see and enjoying every minute of it.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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Katherine said...

Looks like the perfect weekend. Good friends, good scenery and good food. Perfect.

I like that philosophy - very empowering.