Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good things

The most gorgeous bouquet of sweet peas picked from a generous friend's garden while enjoying a wonderful day full of visiting, canning, baby cuddles and (best of all!) talking, talking, talking with a like-minded soul-sister.

Sweet tomatoes made into...

which we all eat up as fast as we can make them.
Fresh basil from the garden and walnuts from our old tree for making delicious pesto.

Gorgeous peaches a friend picked up for me.

Herbal iced tea with lemon to share with friends for a movie night (Shirley Valentine - one worth watching at least once!).

Hundreds of these butterflies hanging out on the bank under the deck this summer.  Lovely to watch.

Life is good!!


ipsa said...

Mmmmm. Love the sweet peas. Mmmm.

I can smell them over the internet! Beautiful.

sheila said...

Oh, I LOVE sweet peas too! Those ones are lovely. The twins just had their birthday and I set the table with a lime green tablecloth, some vases of bluey purple sweet peas, a bowl of floating pink roses, and two yellow roses in bud vases at the edge of the tableau. The colour combination was so amazing I wanted it to freeze forever. What is it about sweet peas that they can have such a magical effect on us?