Thursday, July 16, 2009

Squirreling Rhubarb "pop"

Had to show you these rhubarb syrup ice cubes because the colour is just so pretty and because I want Shelia to be able to let her kids have rhubarb "pop" this winter too. ;-0 Wouldn't it be a lovely Christmas drink - a little bit of Summer in the wintertime?


sheila said...

How funny - Max told me tonight to freeze the juice! Everyone loves the stuff! I might have to plant more rhubarb. I made 8 loaves plus one giant 9"X12" pan of chocolate zucchini cake after seeing your recipe. I have all this zucchini sitting around, but while it used a dozen eggs it only used 2 zucchinis! Ack! Two of them gave me 12 cups of zucchini.

Good cake by the way.

Heather said...

That's a lot of cake! But, if you have room to try one more these zucchini brownies will make your kids look at zucchini in a whole new light.

Or if you can get the cookbook Simply in Season from your library it is full of great recipes. I love the one for their zucchini tart. Can't wait til my own zucchini is ready.

Last year I asked on here for some zucchini recipes to help use up mine and someone sent me this one.

sheila said...

I'll look for it. Thanks for the suggestions. My theory is that I will freeze a lot of cake for later.

Have you ever grown this kind of zucchini? It's called Ronde de Nice. Grows into balls of zucchini. I really like zucchini but Max is taking some time to get over his irrational dislike (how can you not like such a bland vegetable?). But once the balls get big they kind of get away from's the one plant I tell new gardeners to grow: it's so prolific it makes you feel like a heroically fine gardener.

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea for rhubarb syrup. Absolutely, rhubarb is great anytime, and especially when we miss it over the winter.

Heather said...

Shelia - I just googled Ronde de Nice zucchini images, not as nice as some of the other images I've googled at your suggestion but still...pretty nice. ;-) I like the photo of one of them used to serve soup. I'll have to try some of those next year. I did try a different kind last year (some sort of patty pan) but I found if you left them on the vine even a day too long the outer skin got kind of tough - more like a spaghetti squash almost. Are yours like that?

sheila said...

Yes, they are a little on the hard side, but only if you don't use them right away. I feel bad saying this, but I don't think I'll grow them again. They are awkward to grate, to chop, and you really have to get them early or they are ALL seed. Mind you, I think that could be said for any zucchini. And these are wonderfully prolific. I just have to stay on top of them.