Monday, June 29, 2009

Homemade Pizza

We like to have pizza night once a week. We've tried several dough recipes over the years and then a friend told us about Jamie Oliver's pizza dough and that became our favourite. We've always made all whole wheat dough but with this recipe we use mostly all purpose flour ( we still use at least 1 cup of whole wheat). I finally remembered to buy some semolina flour last time I was at the Mediterranean market and used 1 1/2 cup of that in the recipe as well. I quite liked the crust with this flour and will be sure to have it on hand from now on.The same gardening friend we received the rhubarb from also gave me some garlic scapes (these are so yummy) to use. I was going to put them in pasta salad but then thought they might be tasty on pizza. They were! The pizza above is mine - we each top our own. We all like to make half with tomato sauce and the other half with pesto as a base. I'm looking forward to when my own basil is ready so I can make fresh pesto again, I've used up all of last year's frozen supply now.

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Mary-Sue said...

oooh! that looks divine!
we're missing pizza around here...