Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apricot tree in bloom

Joy delights in Joy
~William Shakespeare

Our apricot tree is in full bloom right now. It's lovely. I also love the way the ground looks once the blossoms start falling - a sort of petal snow fall. This is just such a delightful time of year - so many blossoms to see and beautiful scents to smell, the sun's rays shining down and warming our winter white skin, the birdsong reaching our ears from up in the trees. A feast for the senses. Our cherry trees are also pushing out blossoms so we tend to go from one delightful sight and smell to another just now; it truly is an abundant time of year.

This morning I dug some of last summer's apricots out of the freezer bottom (yes, I'm still working at emptying out our freezers). They even look like golden sunshine...and that is exactly how they taste.I popped them in with the same ingredients from yesterday's nettle smoothie. I always freeze apricots halves just for this purpose. I find they give a sort of mellow creaminess...a smoothness (wink, wink) to smoothies that we quite enjoy.

I find fruit tree blooms fascinating and love getting an up close shot of them. Amazing to me to think that these blossoms turn into fruit which we can pick off the tree and eat. Delight in the flowers, delight in the fruit.

And tonight...sun-dried sheets fresh off the line - no matter that they are still flannel because it isn't warm enough for warm weather sheets yet. They'll still be delightful. What will you be delighted by today?

For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life.

~William Blake


Anonymous said...

Ah Heather,
I love your posts! How wonderful!Sue

Jess said...

That's so lovely - fruit tree blossoms and clothes hanging on the line!
What a delightful life!