Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sprouting seeds

E's green thumbs have been itching to plant some seeds and since it is still a bit on the cold side he has been sprouting edibles indoors. He regularly grows alfalfa or mixed sprouts in a jar and we add these to salads or sandwiches.
A few weeks back he decided to sprout some wheat kernels. He has been nibbling away on the wheat grass and quite enjoying having something fresh and green to graze on. Last week I left him upstairs in charge of the salad making part of dinner and came back up from my chores in time to sit down to a lovely dinner prepared by both boys. As I was eating my salad I noticed bit of what looked like grass mixed in amongst the other ingredients, a quick glance at the pot of wheat grass showed me that it had indeed been shorn. Wheat grass clippings in salad? Why not! :-)


denise said...

We sprout a lot too in the winter. So good and green. Wheatgrass is a bit sharp, but I bet it is tasty mixed in salads! :)

Mary-Sue said...

he he he
love the ingenuity of that boy! nothing conformist about him!!