Sunday, March 15, 2009

Springtime needle felted wreath

My springtime wreath is mostly done and has been put up on the door, hopefully it will encourage some springlike temps to follow. I put it up and then later realized that my bee and ladybug had been misplaced.
I added those on (shown below) with the bee sort of hovering above the daffodils. I quite like the way it turned out and just need to get some ivy to tuck in here and there. I had to add a clothesline because there isn't much I love more than the smell of line-dried, sunshine infused bedsheets in springtime.
I also added some eyes to the chickadee - all the better to see with...and maybe to help it to be on lookout for Putty (she likes to find good hiding spots from which she can launch surprise attacks).


Mary-Sue said...

wow. that is just gorgeous! i had imagined the wreath with a clothesline! but where on earth did you find teeny tiny clothespegs? so cute! well done, Heather. what talent!

Samantha said...

How cute is that! What a lovely job you did :-) The bird is amazing. Very lifelike. I wouldn't be surprised if Puddy went after it ;-)

Samantha said...

Oops, I mean Putty. Sorry Putty!!

Katherine said...

Love it! This is just so sweet, Heather. Let's hope that it will encourage Spring to arrive. (I just put my spring wreath on the door yesterday with such high hopes...)

Jill Richards said...

These are so beautiful!! I am so making some little spring nests with my girls this week. How very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!