Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost done....

We've been working on re-doing our kitchen on and off for...well, an embarrassingly long time, really. We did get most of it done right off the bat but it is the finishing touches that we have left sitting. These past two weeks I've been really pushing through the whole house - cleaning, purging and finishing bits and pieces. This weekend my husband got on the bandwagon too, and when he gets going he really, really gets going. Among lots of other jobs we finally finished grouting the last half of our rock back splash in the kitchen and S put this lovely finishing touch up behind our stove. I love the way the kitchen is looking and just have to do some touch-ups to the grout as it is drying and then I want to put another coat of the finish on our wooden counter tops. I'd like to post a picture of the whole thing when it is completely done - maybe a before and after if I can find a before pic.
I picked up two more sweaters to felt at the thrift store so I will post asap about how to do that for those who were asking me.
This morning E was thinking about Cheerios because we found a box leftover from camping when we were cleaning out the trailer. He said that he could make a cereal and call it Happy-Es. Then he thought for a minute and told me that I could make a cereal and call it Pretty-Ms (M for mom). :-) Don't you just love the sweet things that come out of our children's mouths and minds? What fun.


Mary-Sue said...

wow! doesn't that just spruce things up? lovely!
i hope E's comments become habits that he continues to say to his wife someday! what a sweet boy!

Jacqueline said...

your kitchen is looking beautiful! I love that tin behind the stove!

sheila said...

Oh I love that tin, too. Now all you need is a lovely gas stove to go with that beautiful backsplash. That's so gorgeous. Where did you get it?

I love having a house and doing things to it. It's just not the same when living in a rental. And by the way, before I forget, I think Trader Joe's has Happy O's! They have all kinds of weird names for their cereals. Makes me want to buy them all, just to have them sitting around the house, being amusing.

Heather said...

Shelia -the tin is "faux" tin sheets, almost like lino. My husband bought two sheets of it at Home Depot and put them together. Or did you mean where did we get the rock backsplash? That we made with rocks that we put on the wall with a tile adhesive and then we grouted afterwards (not fun trying to get the grout in amongst all those rocks!). It was a long process but I like the look - although in hindsight I would have done something quicker and easier. ;-) A friend of mine came by awhile ago and asked me if I knew that they actually now sold sheets of rocks (already put together) just for that purpose.