Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More handmade gifts

Yesterday I was reading Soulemama's blog and saw the fingerless mittens link. A click and an peek convinced me that I should make some for my SIL. I finished weaving the ends in this morning on the mitt and then it occurred that we say "a pair of mittens" in two mitts, not one. I would need to make a second mitt to go with the one I'd already knit. Ahhh, thought I...there is a SMS (second mitt syndrome) just like there is a SSS (second sock syndrome). I was undaunted. ;-) I cast on a second mitt immediately to ensure that I would not succumb to SMS. (something that a knitter such as myself would definitely tend to do)My second sock may still be languishing in the knitting cupboard but the second mitt will not meet the same fate. I have a deadline...and it is Friday afternoon. Just the sort of motivation I need. ;-)

I also finished the slippers for my Dad and I really love the colour combination of navy top and black bottom. My Dad has definite ideas about which colours can be worn together - blue and green should never be seen is something I heard regularly through my youth - but I know that he considers navy and black a suitable combo.


Katherine said...

You are funny! SSS and know SMS. Lots of second syndromes going on. It sounds like you prefer "one-offs". ;o)
Love the clogs for your Dad. Very masculine colour combo. He'll approve.

Samantha said...

HA HA!! Great minds think alike!
I saw Soulemama's post this morning, followed the link, and decided I would make 2 pairs by Christmas! That's after I finish the 6th felted slipper ;-) Next year I'll be much more organized (ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

Samantha said...

Hey, I made the same colour combo for B-I-Ls slippers! Glad to see they look so great felted up :-)

Heather said...

Yes, I think I do like one-offs. Does that mean I have a short attention span? ;-)

Hmmm, Samantha, I think I remember us both saying that we would be much more organized next year last year. ;-) But yes, next year I will be much more organized too. ;-)