Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Felted Animals - a penguin

This is the time of year when the boys and I get to settle into doing crafts, reading books and taking our time baking good stuff to eat. Well, normally we I decided to dung out the year's accumulation of clutter in our spare room (and by that I really mean yeeeeaaars of accumulation). Not fun!! But, the other day we had some fun doing some needle felting. We had a needle-felting class with some friends last year and enjoyed it very much; my boys especially loved making gnomes.
Our library just bought this book and I couldn't resist making something from it right away.
This is my first attempt - a little penguin. ;-)

Next I might try the mouse. The book has 16 different critters to make and the instructions (with photos) are clear and easy to follow. It's a great book, well worth buying...but since the library already has we don't really need to. Have I mentioned before just how much I love our library? ;-)

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Jess said...

you did a great job!
I have a non-felting question for you - because I gather you have a garden - and I don't know anyone with a garden - I'm wondering if I should chop up the dying plants in my small garden and break up the ground or something. Do I need to prepare the soil for winter? And is that how I would do it?

my email is if you'd like to email me instead of reply via comment page. I would really appreciate ANY help on the subject! Thanks!