Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday September 28. Biking the KVR Railway

Another wonderful weekend. Wish weekends lasted 5 days...OK, 7 days, really. Went to bike KVR, haven't been there since before big fire 5 years ago. Remember watching with boys as two of trestles went up in flames. All repaired now, very impressed. Lovely time of year to go biking there - not too hot, not too cold, nice fall colours.
Drove by lake, noticed how sparkly water looked with low angle of autumn sun on it. Drove up through orchards to get there. Could smell apples on trees. Lovely area to live in. Feel very lucky. Noticed carpet of baby pine trees coming up through burned out areas. Interesting to see nature healing itself.

First wipe out (not me! and, surprisingly, not husband either) in parking lot before even started. Probably best to get it over with there -then can have attitude that can only get better, plus rest of ride has steep canyon walls going straight down of right side of trail. Keep Left youngest child! Keep Left!!
Easy level bike ride along old graded railbed. 18 trestles to cross. 2 tunnels. Smiled as E counted off kms at start of ride. 1 kilometre...2 kilometre...3 kilometre...(reminded me of the Count on Sesame Street. Had not heart to tell him that we were going 22 kilometres...wha ha ha ha)Reached Ruth station end and had moment where actually considered going down alternate mountain biker trail with oldest son (he of disc brakes, full face helmet and suspension - me of crap old bike - much encouragement from husband to take trail call Bail Out) but decided best not to begin mountain biking experience that way.Lovely ride back past green of pines, colours of deciduous, reds, grays and browns of rock walls and dark brown of trestles.

Lovely views down to valley and lake. Used zoom to see bridge across lake. Wont be long 'til old bridge is completely taken apart and gone.

Very educational too. Human body study - all got a real "feel" for where gluteus maximus is located. ;-)

Stopped for ice cream and enjoyed it at beach of sparkly lake. Saw people swimming and enjoying hot weather. Stick with ice cream as hot weather pleasure not swimming.


Anonymous said...

I love the trestles. We've been there a lot this year as we've had many guests to entertain. I knew something was keeping you busy, it's been quiet, too quiet!

affectioknit2 said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish we had nice trails here...

Katherine said...

So familiar and now so far away!

Glad you and your family got out to enjoy your weekend with such a fun activity, Heather. I'm sure it was worth some sore bottoms. ;o)

denise said...

Oh, what a beautiful place to ride!