Monday, August 18, 2008


I love this time of year so much. Our yard is just full of abundance...and my stomach is also very full of abundance. I feel as though we just feast all day. This is our Santa Rosa plum tree. We love these for fresh eating but I freeze some too as we usually can't eat them fast enough before they start falling off the tree. They make a great addition to winter smoothies.
I love the colours of them and think they're gorgeous, they are a little tart if you pick them early (which I do) but also incredible sweet and juicy.
And just when we are done feasting on those...these will be ripe. Peaches, peach crisp, peach pie, peaches on ice cream, peach smoothies, peach waffles...


Anonymous said...


Did you plant those trees?? If so, how long before fruit appeared??


Heather said...

Hi Sandi

No, we didn't plant those trees. The previous gardener did. We knew that we didn't want to live over here when we came to look at this house, when I peeked into the backyard I said to my husband, "Oh great, now we are going to have to buy it" because the yard was full of fruit and nut trees. I wanted this yard. :-)

Bylands has great fruit trees though and they don't seem to take long to produce. You must be thinking of planting some?