Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good stuff from the garden

So many things growing and so little time to post about it.
Cherries have come
and goneand are tucked in the freezer. This is a cherry pitter that I found at a garage sale years ago and I love it. It makes short work of all the cherries. ( I do this outside because the cherry juice tends to splatter and stain) I freeze them on trays and then put them in salad boxes or bags and they will supply us with smoothies, crisps and pies throughout the year.Currants are being nibbled on each day and need to be picked and preserved. Saskatoons are done and blueberries are ripening more each day. (for certain none of our blueberries will make it to the freezer)

Zucchinis are in full swing. I'll need to get Simpy in Season from the library again soon to find more zucchini recipes.
I have some onions ready and some still plumping up. I sampled my first garlic yesterday.

Loads of pole beans - one of my favourite things from the garden.And so much more.

The trick to enjoying summer when you live in such a gorgeous spot is finding that balance between time in the garden and the work of putting things by and time spent at the beach, camping and enjoying all the fun stuff of summer in an area surrounded by lakes and natural beauty.


Samantha said...

Wowsa Heather! The veggies in your garden look amazing! I'm on my second year of no zucchini's on my plants (although I'm still holding out hope that they are just late bloomers) and considering those are supposed to be the easiest plants to grow, I'm beginning to get a complex ;-) If you have any secrets to share, I'll be taking notes :-)

Marty Layne said...


What a beautiful bounty in your garden! I read your comments about my book and wondered if I could quote them on my web site. If I may, how you would like me to give you credit. I really appreciate your kind words. I am glad that my book was a help to you as you began homeschooling.

Marty -

denise said...

Oh, it all looks so good!!! :)