Monday, May 19, 2008


So, about those peppers I mentioned. I meant to get a few and came home with this many.Let's see, here's my excuse. Last year I went to someone's garden and they had pepper plants like you have never seen pepper plants...well, at least I never have. They looked about the size of a healthy blueberry bush with loads of lush green foliage and dozens (no, really!!) of peppers on each plant. My peppers, by comparison, looked scrawny and had only about 4 or 5 peppers on each, which I had always been satisfied with before, but now I know what they can look like I want to do better. I'm not really one to do jealousy (I've never understood the point? Why waste energy being jealous? If it is something you want badly enough that you would feel that way then find a way to make it happen in your own life, you know?) but I have to admit that looking at those peppers I could understand envy. So, before jealousy could rear its ugly head I decided that I too would grow peppers like that next time. Here they are, all tucked in with some compost and (mostly) mulched with grass clippings. (I need to find more mulch!!) I have my pigeon poop tea brewing and plan on topdressing with compost and fertilizing with comfrey tea often. I am determined. I will have lush peppers this year. ;-)

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denise said...

Wow - that is a lot of peppers. Yum. I got a few too many too - 8, which in my small yard is interesting. I have a few in pots, a few around the one small square bed I do have, and then several actually spread around my landscaping. :) Same with tomatoes. And I have cabbage under my bushes! I love seeing your garden.