Sunday, May 4, 2008

More tomatoes

I had to repot some more of my tomatoes today. I've been putting them outside each day and some of them have put on quite a spurt of growth . Several of them had to go into the biggest pot that I am willing to put my seedlings into so it is a good thing that I can put them in the garden in three weeks. 3 weeks?!? Where did April go?
This plant on the right is an example of how big most of my good sized seedlings are, these are from seeds that I bought. The seedling in the middle is one that I call Andrea's Large Round Italian and it is huge. (I can't wait to see what the tomatoes look like.) I buried most of the plant in the tallest container I could find. The one on the left I call Andrea's Large Pointed Italian and it is almost as big. These are seeds that a friends saved from her best tomatoes and shared. I am so happy to have these.

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