Sunday, May 11, 2008

Handmade fun

I was telling someone recently about the years of enjoyment my boys have found in this swing my Dad made.Everyone visiting our house always wants to try it, and I will confess to spending my fair share of time on it when we first got it (I always wanted a horse but never got one, this'll have to do). It is made from an old tire, a little creativity and a bit of patience. This is a good example of some frugal fun.


sheila said...

Ah-ha. Thanks, Heather. I see how he did it. And stirrups, too! Well, maybe I'll try something like that. We gave the old willow a haircut yesterday so we'd have more room for swings.

Nice pictures, by the way. I find that I am spending more and more time gazing out the windows, just looking at the garden (when I' not in it, that is). It's all so beautiful and lush and green right now.

Joanne said...

That was me!! Thank you for the shots...Erich can study it now to reproduce it...the girls did enjoy it at your place.

this is my patch said...

It's brilliant! You ought to put a copyright on those. x