Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Abundance, actually quite often, the abundance of this earth astonishes me. These past few days as I have spent time in the yard I look around in awe, really. All of our fruit trees are in some stage of blossom. The apricot is just finishing, the ground beneath it littered with blossoms; the big old cherry trees are in full, stunning bloom, even though one of them is almost at the end of its life; the peach tree has its lovely dark pink flowers; the Saskatoon shows off its gorgeous blooms as if to make up for the lack of regard we have for its fruit; the Santa Rosa plum has long graceful branches sweeping upwards filled with blooms - white showing on blue sky; the apples, pear and Italian plum are just beginning to show some colour on their blossoms and the air in our yard seems perfumed with the scent of all these mixed together. The whole world seems gorgeous from where I stand. I mentioned to a friend that this past week I have felt as if waking from a long winter nap...the cooler Spring weather has had a bit of a damper on things in the garden; it seems as though nature is now trying to make up for it in one gorgeous non-stop show of blooming. It's wonderful.


Samantha said...

Wow, it looks beautiful Heather!
Is it true that every flower becomes a piece of fruit?

Mary-Sue said...

Wow! Beautiful, H! This is just how I feel -- that the world is achingly beautiful. i just wish EVERYONE could experience what you and i are feeling these days!!! what a difference it would make, wouldn't it? for world peace and ending world hunger and turning climate change around -- if suddenly the gardener in every single human being's soul woke up one morning and felt moved to do nothing else but tend the earth and care for the children? wow.
thanks for the inspiration that you are!

Katherine said...

Your pictures describe perfectly why I love this time of year. So very beautiful!