Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Robins are back.

I love robins, and this weekend I noticed that they are back...big time! When I look out my kitchen window I can see them in all the trees. I thought I would take a few pictures of them this morning, while I was still feeling happy to see them. (in a week or so the novelty will wear off as I see them scratching about in my garden beds eating all my lovely worms) After I snapped a few pictures I noticed something and zoomed in.....
See that little terror?
There she sits, lurking about in the treehouse, just waiting to get her teeth into one of those robins. Sigh. What to do? She already wears a bell. Scolding doesn't work at all. I've already posted about a previous victim of hers here. What to do?


this is my patch said...

Yes, I love robins too, but ours are different to yours. Your ones fascinate me, they have the same red breast, but are otherwise very different. x

Heather said...

Well now you've got me curious as to what your robins look like, we will have to check out our bird books.