Monday, March 24, 2008

I love long weekends!

Doesn't a three day weekend just seem sooo much longer than a two day weekend? There was time for all kinds of fun.

An egg hunt that somehow seemed to involve bits of costumes!?!? Does it look like they are practically flying into action trying to find chocolate? Because they are.
A decision to start trying to add some permaculture methods to my gardening...and to start with blueberries planted under the Japanese Maple. These are in my front yard so that the dogs will not be able to trample them. I planted three varieties that I don't have yet - Northblue, Northcountry and Chippewa.
My husband doesn't even flinch anymore when I start ripping out grass.E discovering blooms on the Hazelnut trees, the male blooms are the catkins above, and the female blooms are the little blossoms below.The flowering Almond just about to start bursting into bloom, this will be stunning in another week or so.And time for weekend company as well.


Mary-Sue said...

oh! what fun! they DO Look like they're flying through the air! What a great photo!
and the signs of spring are tantalizing! LOVE it!
I have a hazelnut tree coming in April and I'd never seen the blooms before. Fascinating!

this is my patch said...

I look forward to seeing the flowering almond in a week or so, I would love that in my garden. I am always taking up the paving in ours to make more growing space, my other half doesn't mind as he hates the 1970s slabs we have inherited! x

Heather said...

Yes, we can never have enough growing space, can we, Louise. I keep ripping out grass and my husband has given up on trying to change me. :-)