Monday, February 13, 2012

More Seeds Arriving

Friday we arrived home after our weekly homelearner ski day just in time to get this - our big seed order from William Dam (I'd already received my order from West Coast Seeds the week before).  The boys teased me that it was better than Christmas for me...and they were right.  I could hardly wait to get started but, since I'd been skiing all day, I managed to wait until the next day to start planting. ;-)

I wanted to get a head start on some parsley since it takes awhile to germinate so I potted them up on our window sill.   Seeds have always been truly magical to me so when I came across this Thoreau quote years ago I copied it down in my gratitude/grace notes book.
I have great faith in a seed.
Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders.

 -- Henry David Thoreau
I too expect wonders each year at this time. Spring...or even almost such an exciting time for gardeners. Seeds do require a certain amount of faith and this, I think, is something gardeners have in abundance - faith in seeds and trust in the Earth.
Earlier in the week I had started some Kelsae Sweet Giant onions and some Ailsa Craig Sweet onions and was pleasantly surprised to notice them already sprouting on the weekend as I planted the parsley.  My sunroom windowsill is looking decidedly Spring-ish and that makes me very happy indeed.


erin said...

wow, those are some serious seed packages! like christmas, oh yes! i get that.

it must fill you with delight and pleasure and satisfaction to see those onions already rising up from the soil...such promise. your first market crop, on it's way. yes!

we are ready to get our onions in too, we will plant the Copra that we loved last year, as well as shallots and something else. but we need to plant way more this year. happy planting! 'tis the season! :)

W-S Wanderings said...

Absolutely like Christmas! I haven't started mine yet, but I find my thoughts blisfully daydreaming about the gardens. Soon. Soon.

daisy g said...

Love that quote!

What a treasure trove! Enjoy!

Alison said...

How exciting! I have just ordered my seeds, can't wait to get planting!


cargillwitch said...

I get the bulk of seeds I purchase from William Damm! great germination success. You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I have ordered from West Coast in the past and have been happy with them. Just checked out William Dam's site, just wondering what other Canadian seed companies you have found to be good.

Love your blog.

GB said...

I just found your blog, and I love it. I've been thinking about how much I depend on electricity and how everything I have (besides like a scarf) is bought at the store. My younger sisters have no idea how to have fun without a Wii or Computer and they're only 5 and 3! During the hurricane last year we lost power for a week and a half and it was a struggle for me to get used to living without it.
I was trying to tell my 5 year old sister about life before computers and refrigerators, but being 19, all I know is from museums and stories! Thanks for your blog, it will help change my life.

Kim said...

I've just ordered my seeds, our allotment is on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and so is prone to frosts right up until late April, thus I have to be careful I don't start things off too early!

Heather said...

Erin, yes I am SO excited to be doing this. So fun to be able to do something I love on an even bigger scale - feel like I am creating even more food!! ;-)

Thanks Cargillwitch, that's good to know.

Hi Lori, Richter's has great herb seeds. I like Cottage Gardener for their heirloooms (Djena Lee is one of my Favourite Tomatoes!!). Sunshine Farm seed (in Kelowna) has great heirloom tomato varieties. Stellar Seeds in the Kootenays. Would love to try some from Salt Spring Seeds. There are loads of great small companies that come to our Seedy Saturdays and it is always fun to buy some straight from them there.

GB - Thanks!! And I have to say that while I could likely do without electricity I have a hard time going without hot water for very long. ;-)

Hi Kim. Yorkshire Wolds - sounds delightful!! We get frosts here too - usually up til mid-May but right now I am mostly just planting seeds for the cold season crops and am keeping them inside for sometime still. I've done onions and will start cabbage and broccoli soon. I did actually start some peppers and tomatoes inside (although I would not normally do this so soon) because I want to try to get a head start on the season this year. Have fun with yours.