Tuesday, February 14, 2012


While I love my felted sweater hearts...
I really love chocolate hearts from Annegret's (our local chocolate maker).
And...I really, really love having a husband who gives them to me.

Happy Valentine's Day!


erin said...

ooo, what a toss up!
i'm partial to hearts made of felt, because i wanted to make some and didn't prioritize. oops. ive thought of knitting them too. thought of, again no action.

but this shop sounds decadently interesting, so edible hearts trump wooly ones. and yes you deserve being showered with chocolates!

may love continue to find you heather, all the days of your life. xo

Alison said...

Oooh lucky you, the wool hearts are so cute!


AMOffenwanger said...

I did NOT know about Annegret's. O_O That's shocking. So far, my favourite chocolate shop is Monique's in Palo Alto, CA, but that's a bit far to travel on a regular basis. So must check out Annegret's. Definitely sounds heart-y. <3

Poppy said...

Sweet!!! What a loving husband!