Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Oh...maybe  just a word or two - apparently wordless isn't really my thing. ;-)  The other day S brought home some lilacs and had them in this jar when I got home.  Such a lovely combination of colours and I Love the scent of lilacs.  Then yesterday I \spent my work day gardening around old lilac trees as well as Lily of the Valley - the day passed quickly in a haze of delightful smells.  I couldn't resist bringing a few more home and E put them in this old wine bottle (I just never could recycle that one).  I ended up putting the ones from S into our newly painted bedroom.  You can't quite tell the colour of it from that photo above but it is a lovely, calm blue with just a hint of periwinkle in certain lights.  Such a peaceful colour, it is almost the same colour as our bedroom at our old home but not quite.  It is feeling very springy around here with so much in bloom and such good smells everywhere...I love this time of year.


Katherine said...

Love the colour you painted your bedroom, Heather. I bet you feel more at home now.

Mmmmm... lilacs! Oh, how I love the scent of these beauties. I wish this yard had some, I do miss them.

Erin said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful blooms, Heather.

I love how you set up that table in the top photo, and the wall color is terrific!

Lilacs and lily-of-the-valley's right around the corner close!

daisy g said...

The blooms and bottles are all gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe you have lilacs already! Mmmmm...I can almost smell them...beautiful picture. :)