Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty All Around

The weeks seem to be passing by so quickly I can hardly believe it.  The blossoms help to remind me to stay present, some of them are so short-lived that if I don't stop to enjoy them That Moment they are gone!  I went to my parents' home for Mother's Day weekend and when I returned S pointed out that there was a flowering almond tree on this property (one of my favourites from our old home that I used to take the boys' photo in front of each year when it was blooming.  It was a fun way to see their growth each year.)  The flowering almond had not been in bloom when I left yet it was just beyond peak bloom when I returned.  So quick!
I couldn't resist taking photos of the hummingbirds while I was visiting my parents.  They seemed especially assertive - almost buzzing our heads as we worked in the garden.

Am loving this tree Right Now as its blooms are almost done too.  Do things seem especially quick to finish blooming this year?  Is it because of the late spring?

So beautiful.  And the each time I go outside I get a waft of gorgeous scent - yesterday I was walking by a tree right near our front door and caught a scent that reminded me of something I couldn't quite place...finally I decided it was very similar to the cherry popsicles of my childhood summer camping trips.  ;-)
My folks came to stay for a few nights this week and we also had another overnight guest.
Just one night though and then (I'm so grateful!) we found its Mama.  What a relief!

There was also time for a short hike with my Dad and...
a run in with this fellah.  I am not a fan of snakes (to put it extremely mildly) - they terrify me.  And this fellah just seemed to go on and on when he finally decided to make his way across the trail so we could continue.  On and on and on.  Blech!  To me, he made the poison ivy we came across look positively friendly!


daisy g said...

Eeeek! Good thing you saw him before he saw you!

That pinkish tree is absolutely stunning!

Love the shots of the hummers.
Enjoy each bit of wonder...

Katherine said...

Hmmm... oh, boy, that does NOT look like a garter snake, that fella looks like he may have rattles on his tail! I can hardly believe you stayed put long enough to take photos of him, I know how much you don't like snakes.

Oh, I'm so happy to hear you have so many wonderful and familiar blooms in your new place. Savour those scents for me too, okay? Things are finally getting underway here - the neighbour has two forsythias that are now in bloom. Oh joy! I feel so bloom deprived that I'm actually looking forward to the dandelions we'll have in our lawn! lol

Rachel said...

Looks like a GORGEOUS and huge gopher snake. (His head is too small and in-line with his body to be a rattler.) I wish I had him living in my garden. The gophers are shouting defiance at us this year. I don't think they'd be so bold with that handsome slithery fellow.

(long-time reader here. Though I very seldom comment, I love your posts and find them incredibly inspiring. :) )

Heather said...

Katherine, at first I did think he was a rattler...which is probably why I managed to stay long enough to take his photo - my curiousity got the better of me.

Rachel, thanks for taking the time to comment. So fun for me to hear from people and I appreciate your compliment. Thank you!
I was showing a young friend this snake online (I had typed in Bull snake) and I saw that it was also called a Gopher snake. I don't think I had heard them called that before so that had me wondering what all they eat. The area we were walking in has lots of marmots but I've never seen many smaller rodents so I was wondering if it could be possible for them to eat something as big as the marmots we have here.

One time at that same area I was on the shore with my boys and a snake came swimming out of the water and up onto the shore! It took me a bit to convince myself to get back into the water and go for a swim. ;-)