Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

There is just something I love about traditions - the constancy, the stability, the...comfort, I suppose of knowing that each year around the same time you will take part in the same thing.  Whether it is making heart-shaped somethings, planting seeds, dyeing eggs, going camping, beach days, harvest celebrations, Solstice fires or Christmas gift making there is a rhythm to our lives that I love.  I look forward to each of these things and, in good times and trying times, I know that these things will occur...and I feel a sense of comfort in that.
I have coloured eggs every year of my life that I can recall - actually my family often came up here to the very city where I now make my home to dye eggs with our extended family.  I happily recall Easter egg hunts with cousins and delicious meals made by my aunt (with Amazing mashed potatoes).  My mom made traditions an important part of my childhood and I am extremely grateful for it.
My boys have also always dyed eggs.  I expect (and hope) we will always do so (yes, I am picturing them bringing their children to "Gramma's" house to dye eggs). 
We've had a trying couple weeks here - unexpected news of cancer and major surgery in our family.  Feeling very unsettled and uncertain.  Feeling very grateful and relieved to get good news Monday that all had gone well.  Counting our blessings.  And...on Wednesday...having a last-minute visit from a dear friend and deciding to dye eggs with her and her littles.  Using brown eggs because that is what we had (I usually make a point of buying white for dyeing) and enjoying the difference the shell colour made in end result. 
And this is E's favourite - his dragon's egg.  Beautiful.


Shay Brooks said...

Your eggs are gorgeous! I am sorry about the bad news :( But I hope all goes well. And traditions help people get through both good and bad times :)

Erin said...

Oh, I'm in tears over here. Our posts were very similar today :)

I'm so so glad for your good news and please know that my healing thoughts are going out to you and your family members who are going through these trying times. Cancer is always a journey that teaches so much:)

Today marks three years since my brother's passing, and yes, traditions are keeping us in the present today, including a trip to the cemetary, a place I actually love going.

And we are doing eggs, too and I may be adventuorous and try some naturaly dyed ones. I'll share if they are a success:)

We harvested our first rhubarb today!!

Happy Earth Day Heather!!

~Erin xo

daisy g said...

Sorry about the health scare in your family. You'll get through it together.

Your eggs are lovely! I like the dragon one myself...

carrie said...

I love your eggs. My children decorated eggs today and I used our brown hen eggs as well. We have lots of them so I couldn't justify buying white ones. They loved it and they turned out as well. Happy Easter!

kendra said...

oh, the dragon one also caught my eye - what rich colors from those brown eggs!!!