Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vintage Melmac Plates

Apparently I truly cannot resist thrift stores (anyone who knows me knows this but one would think that I would be able to show some restraint when we are in the middle of packing up all our belongings to move).  We went to a thrift store on Saturday to find an old metal trunk for W (his plan is to fit all his stuff from his room into the trunk for the move) and as we went into the store I could be heard to say (quite firmly), "We are ONLY looking for a trunk, we're not getting ANYTHING else!".  And then....
Yes, exactly!  How was I to resist?  Vintage Melmac plates...made in Canada!  Perfect for my picnics.  Beach days.  Tomato pie at park days.  One of my favourite colours.  And, they fit perfectly in my vintage picnic basket (er...better make that, baskets).  Really...how was I to resist?  Anyway, since the picnic basket was being packed and moved it might as well be filled with pretty plates(plus that way I can leave the flower ones I found this summer in with our camping supplies and not have to swap them out each week through summer to the picnic basket).  Right?  Right??  Thankfully my family loves me very much and no one pointed out that I was the only one buying something and it wasn't, ahem...a metal trunk.


Mimi and Anna said...

Oh my, those are beautiful! This summer I found it impossible to resist the urge to buy some vintage melmac. They are great to use outdoors. Congratulations on your find!

Teri @ Love From the Farm said...

We have to have whimsical plates in our picnic baskets! Good for you! And, boy, do I wish I had access to your thrift shops! ;)


erin said...

Clearly it was meant to be. The stars just aligned, and they couldn't help the fact that you were moving.

Stating one's intention and limits when going anywhere tempting is always a great strategy. And when those said stars in the universe bestow other unplanned necessities in your midst, it is also a great strategy to revise one's intentions and limits accordingly. So that you can buy the dish set, of course. :)

Those dishes are such a nice find. I hope W finds his trunk...I'm sure the stars are working on it;-)

~Erin xo

daisy g said...

Can't say I blame you! Enjoy your treasures!

Katherine said...

Oh, these are lovely! What a find! Totally understand why you couldn't pass these vintage beauties up.

Mama Said No said...

Good to know I am not the only one who does this.

"We are ONLY looking for this, nothing else--oooh, look at those gorgeous dishes!" lol.

It's sort of like thrift store ADD.

Enjoy your find.

Mary-Sue said...

i would have STRANGLED you if you hadn't bought them!!!