Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things Take Time

I love to go for a walk each day on this property - 10 acres of woods makes for a very peaceful place to walk and think - or not think, if that's preferable.  I always see animal tracks, usually rabbits, different birds, deer, coyotes, squirrels, mice and raccoons.  When we first knew we were moving up here I was told that I might see a moose because we are near to the creek.  I've seen moose at a distance before and been surprised rather close-up by one once when I was snowshoeing but wanted to see one again.  I've been keeping my eyes peeled the whole time we have lived here but, although I've seen tracks on my hikes further up the road, I hadn't come across any on this property. 
Sunday I went for my usual walk down to the ridge above the creek and on the way back I saw tracks where there hadn't been tracks on my way down. When I got to the house I told my family that I thought there was a moose on the property.  E and I went for a walk together on Monday and, sure enough, we were part way down the hill and saw the moose across the fence in the neighbour's property.  We enjoyed watching for a bit and then off she went.  The next day I took W with me and I went to show him where we had seen the moose, as I was scanning the property to see if I could see her in the distance W pointed out that he could see some big ears under the tree right across the fence from  us. 
Not expecting to get so up close and personal with such a huge creature we backed off a bit towards the closest tree and watched and took some photos.  We called up to E and he came down to join us  to watch for another while.  Such an amazing creature - they seem so massive, strong and majestic to me but, at the same time, sweet and almost comical looking.  Truly beautiful. 

Lately my walks have helped keep me present while I've been working at not worrying too much about finding our next home.  I am a big believer in signs - although the last while I would have liked some signs to be bigger...and clearer...and much easier to understand - so it occurred to me when we saw this moose that this was a sort of closure on our time here - a time fraught with many stretching lessons and many ups and downs - and that things would be, and were, working out just as they should.   I had been watching the whole time we lived here and now, at last, just weeks before we leave, here was this moose...right in front of us.  A very good sign indeed.  So, I guess the moral of this story is that while at times things might seem quite...well, poopy...
there is likely a lovely surprise right around the corner from all that poop. ;-)  A lovely reminder for me that Things Take Time.  Life really is good!


Debbie said...

I remember a number of years back, hiking the Sunset Trail on Cape Breton Island and we must have come across a half dozen moose. They are such huge animals and I can only imagine the damage they might do if they felt threatened. But they are so majestic.

Good luck with your move. Your perspective is great. It sure is nice to feel as though you've got some closure. Sending love ~ Debbie

Teri @ Love From the Farm said...

How wonderful for you and the kiddos to get to be up close and personal with these amazing forest creatures. Hope the plans for moving are going as smoothly as possible and that you land at an equally wonderful place. Cheers! Teri

erin said...

Heather, I really loved and appreciated the simple wisdom, truth and beauty of this post. A long while back, you paid me a high compliment on my blog about my writing, and how you hoped I would always find the time to write. I'm thanking you out loud for that today, as I don't think I got to responding at the time. It is in part, your writing and blogging that help light the fire for me to warm my thoughts and ideas and see them ignite in my writing. This was so lovely to read, and I love the way you are seeing this message from the natural world, and seeing the final season of your life here coming to a close, with a spring in a new home just on the horizon. I wonder what animals will be there, waiting to share their wisdom and spirits?

Thank you and I too hope you always find time for your writing. :)

And I loved these photos of the outdoors where you beautiful.


Sally said...

wow! What an amazing experience to be so close!

sheepish said...

It always amazes me how clarity of thinking comes when one walks in the woods, with or without crossing paths with a moose.
"Things take time" are a lovely grouping of words.
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Everything will happen as it is supposed to.
Your pictures got me strolling down memory lane. I remember a trip we took in our '64 Volkswagon bug back in the Winter of 1985. We were bombing along the highway when this massive creature stepped up onto the road. We skidded to a stop and were looking at it's legs and underbelly as it walked across the road! It was massive! Except for an elephant at the zoo, I had never seen anything so huge! It had a massive rack and didn't even glance at us as we sat there dumbfounded by it's sheer size. It still amazes me! Nature is awesome!
Your boys are so lucky to see moose up close and in their natural habitat.

daisy g said...

I, like you, love those connections we can make with what happens to us. How blessed you are to be able to walk in the woods on a daily basis.

Mary-Sue said...

aaaah, lovely! i'll have to remember that the next time things seem, well, quite poopy! LOVE it! thanks!

Heather said...

Hi Denise - I can picture what it must have been like looking UP at the moose from the seat of a VW bug. ;-0 I learned to drive in a '62 beetle and I recall that you sure do feel low to the ground. Thanks for sharing your memory - how fun.