Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

The other day I mentioned it was raining here and Shelia commented that she didn't know we got rain here.   I was going to respond that we hadn't had much rain since I lived here, that we mostly had snow but that now that it was springtime and warm enough that I expected that we would get our share of rain.  And you can see by the photo of the little lupin coming up (I had to bring at least one with me) that we really did have rain.   I guess I thought too soon about it being spring here(or warm), you can see what we woke up to this morning.
Crazy!  I often wonder what people from town think when they come up here ( there's been snow in town only twice this year and it is just a regular part of life up this high), I think they find it quite shocking. So, I guess that puts an end to our biking plans today...perhaps we can showshoe instead?!?
E and I spent some time at a nursery yesterday so he could pick out some plants.  He is sorely missing our old gardens and wanted to get some things to plant whether we stay through summer or not.  Something tells me those plants will be living inside with us for quite some time still. ;-)  What a funny way to start the month of May.  Happy May Day!


affectioknit said...

Happy May Day! Stay warm! It is raining here - but they are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow - we'll see...

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the extreme temperature differences in what seems like such a short distance, but a huge elevation change. We usually camp up high and have experienced many a May long weekend with snow in the mornings. One year up at Headwaters we couldn't bike the trails because they still hadn't had their spring thaw. We have looked very silly coming home from camping trips wearing our hiking boots, jeans & sweatshirts, to find everyone wearing tanks, shorts & flip flops! That being said, we've also had summer weekends that were hot enough to entice me into a cold mountain lake -- even when my husband had pointed out leeches earlier (& that's saying something!!??) ;)
Rebecca :)

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

A happy May Day to you, too! We've been having high winds and cold temperatures, along with rain and sleet today (That didn't stop us from going and harvesting nettles by the river; I thought of you :) ).

I do hope that you can have a garden this year. There's just something wonderful about watching those green babies grow!



Erin said...

Brrr! I am certain you are really going to love the amazing weather that is sure to come!! We are sweltering in the house with 25 degrees+ because our (borrowed) hedgehog pair decided to birth 6 babies on Thursday morning. Completely unexpected...I wore my midwife hat that day ;-) They need warmth while young and don't yet have their eyes open. They have teeny-tiny toothbrush bristle-like quills that emerged a few hours after birth! Each baby is about 1" long.
I will post about them in the SD pet conference tomorrow with pictures!

It sounded like a nice trip to the
nursery with E. I love to do that with my oldest, he has a great eye for finding pretty plants to put in his garden or in containers.

sheila said...

Erin! I want a hedgehog! Can I have one? I have this fantasy that I am going to be Jan Brett one day.

Oh, Heather, I don't know what to say. Your weather is really just incredible. INCROYABLE. That's all you can say about it. Come visit me. The boys will have fun making movies and puttering around in the sun and the warm and the....okay, I'll stop now. You wait till summer and it's freezing here and you're sweltering there.

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

It just seems so crazy. We are having freakishly warm weather in the 90's and you are having that much snow!! Wow!


Heather said...

Good to hear from you, Rebecca! Yes, that's exactly like living here, I wonder if Headwaters is the same elevation as here. It is just so hard to get used to the difference in the weather and we are overdressed each time we go to town - warm socks, pants, coats, hats,etc. :-) Today we still have a little pile outside the door where we shovelled the walkway yesterday.

We love to camp at mountain campgrounds too but don't usually go on May long weekend anymore because so often it is so cold. Leeches...bleh, that's something I like to avoid too.

Heather said...

Thanks Marqueta, I will definitely have a garden this year - some here, some in town, some in pots and some wherever anyone lets me plant. ;-) Where there's a will there's a way, and where there's a gardener there must be a garden! Fun to hear about your nettle, I put out another huge batch to dry.

Ooh, Shelia, be careful or I just may come visit you. I am planning a trip down your way this summer to do some camping. We could bring our minifigs with us!!

EarthMama, it really does feel crazy! Every time we come back up here from town we just sort of shake our heads in disbelief about the difference in season.

Erin, how fun! I'd love to see your photos of baby hedgehogs. That must have been quite an experience for your family. Will you keep one?
Yes, it was a fun trip to the nursery. The funniest part was that we had to be somewhere at a certain time and thought we had plenty of time but when we finally left we realized that he had taken over an hour to pick out his plants!! Funny because usually when S and I go there he groans about how long we can take looking at things. Now he knows...

Greenie said...

Snow looks so magical. I say that because I live in San Diego and I don't know what living in the snow is like. I probably wouldn't think it was so magical if, say, I had to shovel it every day.

Hope it warms up and you get to start your garden soon!

Katherine said...

Seems like May started the same way for both us. ;o)
I guess you can't tease me about the weather anymore.
An indoor garden sounds like the answer! I know you'll figure something out. I just can't picture you not gardening.