Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handmade for Girls and Fairy Houses

My boys have always loved getting and giving  handmade things.  Since they were babies I've made them all kinds of things - clothes, teddies, warm woolies, toys, chainmail...too many things to remember, really.  S has made them all sorts of goodies too, their favourite, I think, being wooden swords and shields.  I love making things for my boys!  And...I desperately love making things for little girls.  Pink things, flowery things, aprons, skirts, art totes, knitted Barbie clothes...girly things.  During the last few weeks I've taken a bit of time to make a couple things for some of my young female friends and, I have to say, it brings me at least as much joy making the gifts as I hope they get having them.

Last week I made these needle felted critters. I've made these before for my Spring wreath and for hair pins.  This time I left them as is because I wasn't sure if they would be better off on barrettes or elastics for this particular girl.

I particularly love the swirly bum this fellah has. ;-)

I think they will make very sweet hair clips or hair elastic decorations for wearing on pigtails or braids.

I'm also learning how to embroider and am enjoying learning as I do things.  I had fun learning to embroider letters with this rag bag and book mark and wanted to learn some more.  I found this link and decided I HAD to make one of these fairy houses.  Had to!  Fortunately I know a little girl who is fond of fairies so I had someone to make one for.  They're meant to be a Christmas tree decoration, I think, but I can see them being a fun year round play thing.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  I do need to find out how to go about properly knotting off each colour because I would have liked to do a different colour for each flower but couldn't think of a way to tie it off on each flower without making an extra knot on the outside which kind of wrecked changed the look of my french knots altogether.  Very fun though and I think perhaps my boys need a fairy house gnome home for themselves. ;-) 

I do love handmade!  Don't you?


affectioknit said...

I do I do - your little bugs are too cute and the house is adorable!

Unknown said...

Oh, those are just sooooooo cute. xx

Annie said...

Beautiful! It all turned out so well!

Leigh said...

The little bugs are too cute! When I saw the fairy house, I immediately thought "pin cushion. I need one." :)

Gigi Thibodeau said...

I LOVE these! So sweet. I love making handmade gifts, too. Most of the gifts I give are handmade these days. I crochet a lot, so scarves, afghans, fingerless gloves are all in progress for Christmas.

Those little bees and ladybugs are just about the sweetest things ever!!

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. xo

Heather said...

Leigh, that would make such a fun pin cushion, what a great idea.

Thanks all. The bugs are really easy to make - a nice simple fun craft which doesn't take a lot of supplies.

Gigi, I'll have to peek into your blog to see your works in progress. I'm still making up our gift giving list and could use some ideas. I better get going on that...