Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Gorgeous Autumn Weekend

This was a weekend filled with favourite things.  My lovely husband knows his loved ones well enough to know that if he'd like even a little road trip that the promise of a thrift store (for me) and a bakery (for the boys) is all that it will take to win us over.  We stopped off at an out-of-town thrift store that we don't go to often and were quite happy to see a $5 a bag sign on display.  We skipped in the door only to hear the lovely woman at the cash desk tell us that they were having a special  sale.  $5 a bag and the second bag for free!!  Imagine that.  I found two wool sweaters for felting, a suede skirt for slipper bottoms, a pillowcase(to make into a shopping bag), some wool yarn, embroidered linen, two sets of wooden knitting needles and some other goodies.  W found a plain suit jacket and a clown wig perfect for dress up.  E found some knitting needles, a new make-it-yourself kaleidoscope kit, and a soft flannel shirt.  W also bought  a good tripod for $10.  He has been wanting one to use in his stop motion animation movies and was delighted to find it.

We went to the bakery for a delicious treat each...but then were so awed by the choices we decided that we needed two each!!  ;-)
Plus an extra to share.  Oh my!

We stopped off for a walk along the creek.  The leaves were just too much to resist so we had to stop.  This is such a beautiful time of year along this creek and I always want to walk there. 

When it is windy the leaves come blowing down and it is such a fun game to try to catch them before they hit the ground (and much harder than you think).  I remember a game show from when I was young where the contestant went into a clear chamber and money would blow around at them and they would have to catch it.  (Anyone remember that?  I've no idea what it was called.)  Anyway, that is what we play with the leaves.

They are surprisingly difficult to catch but it is fun to try. E especially loves it right now and W used to adore it too. And me? I'm always happy to play this game, will never outgrow it and don't mind at all that other passersby think we are nutters. (and believe me...trying to catch these will have you looking like a nutter!! See below.)

And to finish off the weekend...
Time with friends.  An end of harvest celebratory tomato pie (with plans for next year to make personal sized ones with lots of  variations).  A last of the season bike ride (in costume) which the mountain bike club calls the Death is that a name to set a mama's mind at ease? ever lately...wood chopping.  Yesterday I decided to chop a Whole Lot of kindling.  I filled three of these big plastic garbage bins.  S got these free from the dump when the city changed over to the new waste pick up system and they have come in handy for all sorts of things.  Sadly our hatchet seems to be MIA so I had to use this ax.  I ended up with a huge popped blister but after putting some nettle (bits left over from my infusion) and a few fresh smushed yarrow leaves on it seems to be healing exceptionally quickly.

So now we have a huge supply of kindling and it is protected from the rain and snow.  Very handy, even if not very attractive, storage solution. 


Lise said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

affectioknit said...

Awesome fall fun! We love catching leaves too...