Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Self Sufficient-ish Bible

Sometime ago I asked our library to purchase this book and then was thrilled when it showed up on my hold list.  I picked it up the other day and am really enjoying it.

I think a lot of it I like simply because it is nice to read about other people doing things such as not using shampoo, eating nettles and other wild plants, making their own herbal medicines and helps me to feel that I'm not really that weird. (plus I can use it as written evidence to show my husband that there really are lots of people eating nettles and not using shampoo) ;-)  Seriously though, it is just packed with loads of good ideas...simple ideas for helping one along the path towards a more self sufficient lifestyle.

W really loves the layout of it and the way it is illustrated, he has been reading it too and has already found something he wants to make as a gift. (for me, I think but shhhh)  And I can't wait to try making nettle beer, I knew there must be a way I could get S to enjoy nettles and surely this must be it.  This book also makes me really, really want to find our next home so that we can get on with our gray water system and a proper rain water collection system.  I find it quite inspiring.

The Self Sufficient-ish Bible.  Love it.

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