Monday, December 8, 2008

Needle felted flowers

A few weeks ago a friend showed me a beautiful bag that she had knit, dyed with Kool-aid and then needle felted flowers onto. It was so inspiring that I knew right away that I had to try my hand at it. I knit a plain bag for my mom's Christmas gift and then felted it in the washing machine.Then I started needle felting the flowers on. Luckily my friend had sent me a photo of hers so that I could use it for inspiration. I wanted to try to make the flowers look (at least remotely) like some of the flowers from my mom's garden.This forget-me-not is my favourite.

A (sort of) daisy and a sunflower.
I still need to add lining (with this thrifted fabric) and a zipper to make it into a cosmetics bag.
And this is what it looks like now - still waiting for a few leaves to be added to the forget-me-not stem but I got distracted with other projects this weekend.

The flowers on the left are meant to be a Cosmos and a California poppy.

My son has put on a screen saver of Santa's workshop that counts down the days 'til Christmas, this morning it showed 17 days. 17 days!?! Things in our workshop just got a little more frantic. ;-)


Fantastic Five said...

I love it! It is beautiful and I am wishing I was your mom this Christmas. The forget-me-not is delightful!


affectioknit2 said...

That's really pretty!

Andrea said...

Oh, that is SOOOOO beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love the sunflower.

Katherine said...

Perfect. Your mom is going to love receiving such a beautiful handmade gift, Heather.

Heather said...

Thanks. It was so much fun doing the needle felting. I can see myself embellishing all sort of things now. Samantha had an idea to do some needle felted embellishments on the felted clogs - love that idea.

And Dianne, thank You for the inspiration!! :-)